Monthly Archives: December 2017

Why It’s Important to Stay Hydrated in the Winter

Staying hydrated doesn’t just quench your thirst. It’s essential for survival and optimal brain efficiency. Most people recognize the importance of drinking excess water during the summer, but doing so in the winter time is just as critical to your health and wellbeing. This winter, consider investing in home water delivery in Atlanta to stay better hydrated. Here’s why you need to get started.  Your Body Needs It!  Support Your Immune […]

Why Bottled Water is Better Than Tap

Drinking water—tap or bottled—is important to maintain hydration and plays a crucial role in one’s health. Fresh water invigorates your mood, leaving you feeling refreshed.   Utilizing bottled water delivery in Atlanta ensures you’re provided with and have access to the best water available. Here are several reasons why consumers choose bottled water over tap water.   It Undergoes Purification   Tap water is drawn from reservoirs, and chlorine is added to kill bacteria and microorganisms. Unfortunately […]

5 Reasons to Drink More Water in the Winter

It’s no secret that water is critical for a healthy lifestyle, but do you know just how impactful it really is? Your body is 60% water, and your brain is 73% water. Without it, you’ll lose concentration and battle fatigue. That’s why you should take advantage of home water delivery in Atlanta for the best water this winter. Here are seven things to inspire you to drink more water in the winter.   1. Detox Your Body  […]