Monthly Archives: January 2018

The Benefits of Spring Water Delivered to Your Door

Drinking spring water is increasingly common in the U.S. because of the health benefits from its natural minerals. They enhance the flavor, which encourages people to drink more. Staying hydrated is easier than ever when you utilize bottled water delivery in Atlanta. Staying on a continuous delivery regimen ensures you have access to the best […]

Our Top Tips for Keeping Your “Drink More Water” New Year’s Resolution

Most people don’t realize how little water they consume. Your body is 60% water, making it the basis of all functions ranging from pushing toxins out of the body to regulating temperature. This year, you need to commit to drinking more water. An easy first step is investing in bottled water delivery in Atlanta to […]

Why Gwinnett Homeowners Should Invest in Home Water Delivery

A majority of Americans consume water at home with tap water, accounting for two-thirds of what’s consumed at home. This explains why more counties across Georgia are conducting research with a plan for tighter regulations for water and sewer utilities.   Gwinnett county has recently hired a Georgia Tech Research Corporation to study the effects of septic systems on Lake Lanier and the Chattahoochee River for its drinking water. Even […]