Monthly Archives: June 2019

6 Alternatives to Plastic Water Bottles

Georgia’s hot temperatures will cripple you if you don’t stay hydrated this summer. It’s time to not only get environmentally friendly, but also time to take care of your personal health! Skip out on grabbing bottles of water at the store, and invest in a home water delivery service in Atlanta. Read on to learn […]

Why Your Office Should Try the Pomodoro Technique

When you work from home, you can often get too focused on a project and find yourself spending all day stressing out over it; and to make matters worse, sit down for long periods of time trying to hash it out.  Sure, you may have completed a number of projects, but likely there remains more […]

How to Drink Water Correctly

There’s no denying the health benefits of water are numerous. How many times have you heard that you need to drink more water? You constantly hear about the importance of staying hydrated and the benefits of water. Having a home water delivery service in Atlanta is the most convenient way to stay hydrated and healthy. […]