Monthly Archives: January 2020

How Often Should I Clean My Water Bottle?

Having a dedicated water bottle that you drink out of throughout your day can be a great way of making sure you get the required amount of water your body needs to stay healthy. With home water delivery in Atlanta, it’s incredibly easy to always have fresh water on hand to fill your bottle with. […]

3 Ways to Drink More Water in 2020

Drinking a good amount of water every day is vital to your health and has a number of benefits, but many people simply don’t do it. They will grab coffee, tea, or a soda without a second thought, but when it comes to water, they have to constantly remind themselves to drink it. Even offices […]

4 Holiday-Inspired Infused Water Recipes You’ll Want to Steal

Although everyone knows they need to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, it’s not always easy. Some people simply don’t like the bland taste of water. If you want to drink something with a little more flavor to it, you can always infuse your water with some fruit and other flavors. The process is […]