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Spring Water vs. Purified Water – Which Is Better?

Water security and purity is a growing concern for American households across the nation.  With recent catastrophes in the news—most notably the crisis in Flint, Michigan—consumers are beginning to wonder where their water comes from and if it’s safe to drink. More people than ever are making the transition from tap to bottle.  Surprisingly, however, […]

8 Ways to Make Drinking Water a Habit

Water is even more vital than food for maintaining human health; yet so many people fall short of consuming the daily-suggested amount. Sixty percent of the average adult body is made up of water and it is necessary to have at least eight glasses of water per day in order to sustain that percentage. Aside […]

Can Drinking More Water Help Allergies?

Every year millions of people are effected by the brutal triggers of seasonal allergies. While sneezing, runny nose, itchy and watery eyes are all pretty common indicators allergy discomfort, dehydration may be the most important and often most overlooked symptom. Changing temperatures and drier air are harsh on the body’s ability to stay hydrated. Drinking […]

How to Keep Your Water Dispenser Clean

Ease Your Water Dispenser Fears Nothing beats the convenience of having icy cold or steaming hot spring water available whenever you want it, at the mere touch of a lever. It’s especially convenient to have a hot and cold water dispenser in Atlanta right now; when the weather is balmy one day and frigid the […]

Can You Trust Your Tap Water?

Most people agree that, even if it doesn’t always taste the best, tap water is generally safe. It’s cheap and readily available, so why bother with the additional expense of home water delivery in Atlanta? The trouble is, the government only requires annual testing of municipal water and a lot can happen in a year. […]

5 Easy Hot Cocoa Recipes to Get You Through the Atlanta Winter

Winter in Atlanta can be a little unpredictable. One day it’s a balmy 67 degrees and the next it’s suddenly a crisp 35 degrees. It’s definitely the kind of weather that keeps you on your toes. You really have to be prepared for anything. Part of that preparation absolutely must include a comforting mug of […]

Bottled Water Test Results

Humans require water for life, and access to fresh, clean drinking water is an issue that affects all of us.  According to the World Health Organization, people worldwide are at risk for developing water-related illnesses due to microorganisms and chemicals in the water they drink. While this risk is much greater in countries with less […]

Gift Outside the Box this Holiday Season

There’s nothing quite like the warm glow that holiday gift giving makes you feel. It’s a great way to really get into the spirit of the season and show how much you care about friends and family. So it’s that much more devastating when it’s clear that a gift has missed its mark and the […]

How to Prevent Dry Winter Skin

While a hot summer day might have you reaching for a glass of water, in the chill of winter that same refreshment can seem downright unpleasant. But the chapped skin and stuffy nose you think are just part of winter could be signs of a health issue that isn’t often associated with colder months – […]

Five Reasons You Need a Hot Water Dispenser

With winter fast approaching, our cravings have turned from light, crisp entrees to hearty meals that warm our bellies. But whether we’re making a thick stew or a robust pasta sauce, these recipes all rely on one ingredient – hot water. How can you get fast, reliably hot water that meets your purity standards? The […]