Engage employees with these 4 wellness ideas

Engage employees with these 4 wellness ideas

Wellness and engagement go hand-in-hand. Employee health and wellness is a powerful factor in an employee’s productivity and performance levels.

When an employee is feeling healthy, both mentally and physically, they’ll most likely feel happier in the workplace.

According to a research study by Gallup, 62% of engaged employees feel their work lives positively affect their physical health. However, compared to the disengaged employees, the number plummets to 39% and among 22% actively disengaged.

The most alarming is the fact that the majority of the actively disengages employees, 54%, say they think their work lives are hurting their physical health.

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Creating an engaged workforce environment is no easy task. Disengaged employees are typically unmotivated, indifferent, and mentally checked-out. Engaged employees are often described as devoted, involved, and passionate. Engaged employees perform significantly higher than their disengaged correspondent.

Create an effective health program!

Set goals that benefit the company and staff and allow the program to be voluntary, fun, competitive, and long-term.

Employees need to be able to choose their level of involvement with these programs.

Be Active!

Physical Activity

Increasing employees’ physical activity creates a healthier workforce and increase employees’ overall productivity. Physically active employees have lower healthcare costs, require fewer sick days, and are more productive.

Research has shown that employees who get at least 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity physical activity per week miss an average of 4.1 fewer days of work per year.

To increase physical activity in the office, consider providing an onsite gym or a workout space in the office! If including a gym is not in the budget- don’t fret! One idea is to hire a trainer or instructor throughout the week, 1-3 days, for group fitness classes outdoors.

Encouraging employees to stretch periodically throughout the day can have an extensive impact on the overall physical health of the company.

Mental Activity

Mental health is just as important to maintain as physical health. One in five adults in America experience mental illness in a year. According to the World Health Organization, “Workplaces that promote mental health and support people with mental disorders are more likely to reduce absenteeism, increased productivity and benefit from associated economic gains”.

Workplace stress can trigger mental health problems. A workplace wellness program can help reduce stress in the office. The first step is to address the mental health stigma. Experiencing mental health problems can be isolating. Sharing ideas and feelings can help employees realize they are not alone.

Wellness offerings such as enforcing reasonable work hours, on-site meditation groups, and yoga classes give employees a chance to reduce their overall stress. Walking groups, bright aesthetics and positive messaging can also benefit productivity.


Healthy Snack Options

Providing a variety of healthy snack options around the office has shown to engage employees more while also improving the health of the workforce. More than half, 66%, of people in the workforce who receive free food or beverages in their office report being “extremely happy with their current job”.

Millennials value convenience and healthy foods, so what about vending machines? Vending machines are not the healthiest option as a go-to snack. This can help contribute to American obesity due to the variety of unhealthy options.

A better choice of healthy snacks around the office are minimally processed and low-glycemic foods high in fiber, protein, and healthy fats. These kinds of snacks provide employees with sustained energy throughout the day.

Make aware of any allergies in the office while also offering vegan and vegetarian alternatives.

Water Consumption

Companies have witnessed increased levels of energy, engagement, and productivity with sufficient water intake. Research has shown that when employees do not drink enough water, their health and productivity decreases.

Employees who have easy and convenient access to water throughout the day drink more water than they would usually intake.

Simply providing easy and constant access to water with office water delivery in Atlanta, improves the productivity and engagement of employees.

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Employee wellness programs are critical components to keeping the work environment a happy and healthy place. Regardless of the size of the company, there are several ways to engage employees and help the overall health of the workforce.

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