10 Best Exercises for Working Out at Home

10 Best Exercises for Working Out at Home

Home fitness isn’t a new concept. Jane Fonda had people grape-vining in their living rooms with her bright legwarmers as she had the best-selling VHS tape of all time. Since the 80s, home fitness has come a long way.

Now, people can ride on stationary bikes in their homes virtually alongside thousands of people simultaneously. In fact, Peloton, the industry-leading home bike, saw a surge in sales by 172% in 2020.

However, not everyone can afford an expensive bike or fancy workout Mirror – the interactive home gym adhered to a wall. So, when the nationwide shutdown and pandemic hit in early 2020, more people were forced to find creative ways to work out at home.

Keep reading to learn ten exciting home workouts you can try that require little to no equipment.

What Exercises Can I Do at Home with No Equipment?

1. Lunges

Ready to burn your glutes and hamstrings? You can either lunge in place or create a “course” around your house to change up the scenery and challenge. Put your water bottle on one end of the room and make it a goal to lunge to it. Your reward? A big sip of cold water. Keep your spring water stocked at all times when you have an ongoing subscription for home water delivery in Atlanta.

2. Crunches

One of the most basic and classic workouts can be done pretty much anywhere you can lay down on a flat surface. Lay down in front of your TV and knock out a few sets watching your favorite show.

3. Squats

Build your lower body strength with a few deep squats. This is another great exercise to do while standing in front of your TV.

4. Burpees

Get your blood pumping with this intense cardio workout. Albeit a silly name, burpees work your arms, glutes, and legs while getting your heart rate up.

5. Jumping Jacks

Remember those grade school gym classes where you did this simple exercise to warm up? It’s still a great workout for adults, being a full-body cardio and all-over strengthening activity.

6. Mountain Climbers

You won’t be scaling a mountain for this exercise. Get down in the push up position and begin bringing your knees to your chest. It will look like you’re running in place. This will get your heart rate up while working your shoulders and core.

7. Push Ups

Another classic and effective exercise. It’s one that you can do in just about any space that permits you to be horizontal. Add some variety with wide, narrow, and diamond stances with your hands. This approach works out different parts of your arms and changes up your workout.

What Exercises Can I Do with Household Items?

1. Split Squats with Water Bottles

Fill up two, twelve-ounce water bottles and hold one in each hand. Step into a lunge stance with one foot in front and one behind you. Ensure that your knees aren’t lined up, and there’s a bit of a gap between your thighs. Bending your knees, get as close to the ground as you can. Repeat 10 times on one side, then switch legs, and repeat.

2. Laundry Detergent Squat and Press

Get into a stance with your feet just wider than your hips. Holding a detergent bottle in your hands at chest level, sit into a deep squat. Upon standing, press the bottle over your head. Return to the starting position and repeat 20 times.

3. Pillow Push-Ups

Place a pillow on your upper back, resting it between your neck and shoulder blades. Then get in a pushup position, steadying the pillow carefully. Complete 10 push-ups slowly while balancing the pillow on your back. This engages your core and forces you to perform deeper pushups for a more difficult take on this classic exercise.

There are many more ways to stay healthy while at home. Whether you have no equipment or a few household items, a great home workout is possible. Get a water bottle delivery and keep your water bottle nearby filled with Lipsey Water. Our fresh mountain water is bottled at the source in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Contact us today for a free, two-week trial.