Water Delivery Services



For 30 years, Lipsey Water has upheld the same impeccable standards of personalized service you would expect to receive at any of the world’s leading five-star restaurants. From the moment you place your order to the moment your Lipsey water caterer completes your delivery, you can be assured that your every need will be gladly met.


Locally owned and operated, Lipsey Water is proud to provide the metro Atlanta area with premium water delivery service like no other. Only Lipsey offers crystalline mountain spring water, protected by beautiful and sustainable pharmaceutical grade Murano glass bottles and delivered by our professional Lipsey water caterers.

I am one of Lipsey’s first customers (I believe) and there has never been anything better tasting or more appealing than my cooler full of pure H2O. I love it! I am a water drinker, but only Lipsey for me please!

– Jan Westfall – Marietta, GA



Our mountain spring water comes from the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, sourced directly from a brisk, deep rock spring located on 165 acres of immaculate, family owned land, and protected from industrial and agricultural contamination by national forest land.

Lipsey mountain spring water is pure, crisp and mineral rich. We bottle our water at the source in handcrafted five gallon glass bottles, ensuring that your water will always taste as fresh as the day it was bottled.

We utilize a minimal filtration process intended only to filter out fine particulates that leaves all beneficial minerals intact. Our water is never treated with anything that would compromise the water’s natural quality, including chemicals, preservatives. Opting instead, to purify our water using only naturally occurring ozone.

Lipsey glass bottles are heat sterilized between uses, which gives them a much longer life than five gallon plastic bottles and eliminates the need to use harmful chemicals. At Lipsey, we take every step to ensure that your water is always as fresh and pure as possible.

“Our cat, Willoughby, loves Lipsey Water! We put a bowl of tap water next to a bowl of Lipsey water, and he goes for the Lipsey water every time! Our cat has excellent taste!

– J. Lloyd – Atlanta, GA



At Lipsey, we take pride in delivering the freshest water to you in world-class style. Our water caterers arrive at your home or office wearing clean, crisp uniforms complete with a catering apron and our signature Lipsey bow tie.

We believe in upholding the most classic standards of true service. In order to achieve this, all of our water caterers are professionally trained to offer you unobtrusive, thorough and genuinely courteous service.

We take the time to get to know our customers and greet you by name. During every single delivery, we thoroughly inspect, test and polish your water cooler to ensure that your water is consistently cold, crisp and delicious.

Should you ever need to call us with an issue or request, your call will be answered warmly and promptly by an actual human being, not a machine. Our dedication to providing the best in customer service means that we put you first, every time.



We realize that every customer is different, with different schedules and different needs. That is why we tailor our delivery services to your unique needs. You choose how often you would like your water delivered and we construct an efficient delivery itinerary centered around your schedule.

If something changes, even last-minute, just give us a call and we will gladly work with you to ensure consistent delivery. We also offer a 24-hour, rush delivery for our valued customers, so you won’t ever have to go without mineral-rich refreshment.

“My friend told me how great Lipsey water was, and it certainly is! My family of four goes through two bottles or more each month (for over 15 years!) and my husband said we would have to give up cable TV in these tough times, but NEVER Lipsey water.”

– Linda Copper – Roswell, GA



We take pride in delivering only the freshest, most pristine water in 100 percent recyclable pharmaceutical grade Murano glass containers. In fact, we are so confident you will become a regular customer, we provide you with two weeks of our five-star bow tie service with absolutely no obligation.

When those two weeks are over, If you are not completely satisfied with the quality and value that Lipsey delivers, we will pick up the cooler and any remaining water at entirely no cost to you.
Try Lipsey Water for 2 weeks for free with no obligation!

“We are in our 60s and do weight training so we’re able to lift the bottles onto the cooler! Seriously, Lipsey is the best tasting water and has the very best personal service…so we’ll keep working out!”

– Mary Rollauer – Dunwoody, GA