Giving Back



Lipsey Mountain Spring Water is dedicated to bringing the healthiest and freshest water. We bottle our water in eco friendly water bottles made of pharmaceutical grade glass containers imported from Italy. Our glass packaging is BPA free. When BPA is added to plastic packaging, it can leach into the food and water. Not only does this affect the taste, but it also exposes your body to toxins that can lead to health problems. Glass is the only packaging material certified by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration as “generally regarded as safe.”



Lipsey is committed to supporting organizations dedicated to helping others in the local community. As the local leader in the home and office refreshment industry, we are strong advocates of healthy living and participate in events that promote such a lifestyle. Whenever possible, we assist with water supplies for charitable walks, runs, and education.



Lipsey is environmentally safe. Glass bottles are 100% reusable recyclable so they don’t contribute to waste. We clean and sterilize our water bottle containers so they are 100% reusable and don’t contribute to waste and landfills. Unlike plastic, Lipsey glass packaging does not require the use of petroleum in its manufacturing process. Finally, our glass bottles are made from natural, nontoxic raw materials such as silica, sand, soda ash, and limestone – making them one of the most environmentally friendly, pure containers available.



Lipsey has a long-standing history of corporate philanthropy in times of need. When disaster strikes, Lipsey is there to provide safe water in times of crisis. We are proud to have delivered over half a billion bottles of water for disaster relief since 1994. Since 1998, Lipsey has been the sole source provider of water for FEMA in times of national emergencies. Lipsey’s Cofounder, Joe Lipsey, III has served on the board of the CDC Foundation for 10 years and actively supports efforts to provide quality drinking water to African nations.

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