Mountain Spring Water



Lipsey Water provides water the way Mother Nature always intended it to be – the purest, most refreshing mountain spring water, fresh from the earth and conveniently available in your home or office. We bottle our water in glass, at the source, using sustainable technology to protect the water and its natural purity.

Our minimal filtration process serves only to remove fine particulates, while leaving beneficial minerals intact. We never treat our water with chemicals, preservatives, or anything that would compromise the water’s natural quality; instead, we purify our water using only naturally occurring ozone.



Lipsey mountain spring water is sourced from a cold, deep rock spring nestled high in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. This deep rock spring is located on 180 acres of pristine, family owned land surrounded by national forest which provides protection from contamination by industry or agriculture.

There is nothing quite like spring water from the Blue Ridge Mountains. Its pure, crisp, and delicious flavor is exceptionally refreshing, and because it contains so many naturally occurring beneficial minerals, everything you mix or cook with it tastes just a little better.

Without a doubt, Lipsey Mountain Spring Water is the best tasting, most refreshing water we have ever used.

– Confidential Security Agency, INC Chief Tom Hutchinson – Atlanta, GA




At Lipsey, we are committed to providing the purest and most delicious mountain spring water available. That’s why we bottle our water exclusively in pharmaceutical grade glass.

Lipsey Water’s high grade glass bottles have been uniquely designed and crafted by renowned glass masters in Murano, Italy, the glass capital of the world, ensuring that our bottles will be an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home or office, as well as a convenient source of fresh, mineral-rich water.

Because we make our bottles from such high grade glass, they are environmentally friendly and keep your water as fresh as the day it was bottled, like nature intended. Unlike plastic, which degrades significantly during reprocessing, glass is endlessly recyclable.

The Container Recycling Institute (CRI) has conducted research that suggests over 86 percent of all plastic water bottles are never recycled, but are instead discarded as trash. Even plastic bottles that have been sent for recycling often don’t make it through the recycling process. There are over 30 types of plastic, only seven of which are commonly accepted for recycling; the remaining incompatible plastics are sorted out and discarded as trash.

Once discarded, the vast majority of plastic water bottles that will end up in a landfill will likely take between 450 and 1000 years to fully decompose, all the while introducing dangerous chemicals into the soil and water.

In comparison, the only criteria for sorting glass is color, which means that all glass sent to be recycled is recycled. Additionally, the process of recycling glass doesn’t release toxins or compromise the structural integrity of the products made with the recycled glass.

Additionally, Lipsey bottles are heat sterilized between uses, which gives them a much longer life than five gallon plastic bottles and eliminates the need to use harmful chemicals. The plastic used in most five gallon water bottles quickly breaks down when exposed to high heat and can only be sanitized with bleach a few times before the bottles become unusable and are taken out of circulation.

A typical Lipsey Water family of four will avoid purchasing over 1700 half-liter plastic water bottles annually. This equates to over 1700 plastic bottles that will never be discarded or sent to a landfill, and that’s one more step towards keeping the earth, and our water source, as safe and pure as possible.

“Without a doubt, Lipsey Mountain Spring Water is the best tasting, most refreshing water we have ever used.”

– Confidential Security Agency, INC Chief Tom Hutchinson – Atlanta, GA




Here at Lipsey Water, we take water purity very seriously. Our mountain spring water undergoes rigorous testing for nearly 100 inorganic and organic chemicals, metals, and other contaminants by the National Testing Laboratories. In fact, the purity of our water is so well trusted that Lipsey has been the sole provider of water to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) since 1991.

Lipsey is proud to report that the results of this analysis repeatedly confirm the fact that our water is exceptionally pure and free of toxins and harmful chemicals. And, because we bottle our water in sterilized glass, we know it will stay this way.