Office Water Delivery In Atlanta

Business owners know that individual and collective performance is key to their company’s success. In order to facilitate employee productivity, many businesses invest in perks, such as free food, ergonomic work stations, and more. Benefits relating to health and wellness are always a popular solution for ensuring ongoing performance and morale.  

For over 30 years, Lipsey Water has provided water delivery services to offices across the metro Atlanta area. Tap water is inexpensive, but the aggressive filtration process it goes through strips its flavor and beneficial minerals. It may even harbor unpleasant or dangerous bacteria and chemicals. Office water delivery is an easy way to provide your staff and guests with clean, refreshing spring water.  

Investing in better water is an investment in the physical and mental well-being of your employees. Experience the Lipsey Water difference for yourself. Sign up today for a free, two-week, no-obligation trial, and have Lipsey Mountain Spring Water delivered right to your office.  


Healthy Employees are Productive Employees  

Everyone knows that hydration is key for optimum mental and physical performance. However, if the water in your office isn’t fresh, pure, and delicious, no one will drink it.  

Lipsey Water is sourced from a rock spring high in the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina. Our water is glass-bottled at the source, and we use sustainable technology to protect the water’s natural purity. That’s why every sip of our spring water is exceptionally refreshing, pure, and delicious.  

Your employees are a key asset for your company. When crisp, high-quality water is available at the office, you’re promoting a productive workforce and demonstrating that you care about their health. Proper hydration can boost morale, productivity, overall energy and mental alertness.  


Impress Your Guests with the Best in Refreshment 

When clients, prospects, potential new hires, and other visitors come to your office, it’s customary to welcome them by offering a drink as a courtesy.  

Any office can provide their guests with soda, tea, or coffee. Take it one step further and provide the best in refreshment with cold, fresh spring water. For those valued guests that want coffee or tea, ensure they enjoy every sip by brewing it with Lipsey water. For added convenience, our water dispensers feature hot and cold taps.  


Sustainable Packing That Aligns with Corporate Recycling Initiatives  

Many companies participate in recycling programs and other environmental causes. These efforts can have a positive impact on your business’s bottom line by reducing unnecessary waste.  

Having Lipsey Mountain Spring Water delivered to your office helps you and your employees avoid purchasing hundreds of plastic water bottles annually. Whether you have a single office with ten employees, or multiple locations around the Atlanta area, every bit of conservation helps reduce the plastic waste that ends up in our landfills and water sources.   

Lipsey Water only uses elegant and eco-friendly glass bottles. Made of pharmaceutical-grade glass, these five-gallon handcrafted bottles are designed in Murano, Italy — the glass capital of the world. They are both beautiful and endlessly recyclable. Because they’re heat-sterilized between uses, you have the peace of mind that no harmful chemicals will touch your water.  


Unparalleled Customer Service 

Our five-star customer service is dressed for success. When you call Lipsey Water, you’ll always speak with a real person who works in our offices. Our water caterers will always arrive in clean, pressed shirts, a catering apron, and the signature hand-tied Lipsey bow tie.  

At Lipsey Water, we believe in promoting quality, value, environmental responsibility, and customer satisfaction. That’s why we don’t hold you to long-term deals, and there’s no minimum contract for our service. Your water delivery calendar will be shaped around your company’s needs.

“The delivery folks are the friendliest guys I’ve worked with. I’d never had to deal with Lipsey Water until we opened this office in September, 2007, but I’m glad to be dealing with you now. Thanks again!”

– Sue Betsch, Hodge Partners – Atlanta, GA


Office Water Delivery — Try it Free for Two Weeks 

If you want all the benefits of bottled water delivery for your office, try Lipsey Water office delivery for two weeks. It’s free and comes with no obligations, because we believe our service and delicious spring water will sell itself. 

Get started today and experience Lipsey Water — bottled in glass, delivered with class.