Home Water Delivery In Atlanta

Lipsey Water has been providing home water delivery service to the metro Atlanta area for over 30 years. Our fresh mountain spring water is bottled in glass at the source, minimally filtered, and delivered to your home by dedicated Lipsey water caterers. 

Each morning at 6 a.m., I have a glass of Lipsey Mountain Spring Water, then set off to walk 3.6 miles. Upon returning, the greatest “prize” is another glass of cold, sweet tasting Lipsey water.

– Vivian Smith – Dunwoody, GA

Experience the Lipsey Water difference and contact us today for an easy way to stay hydrated at home and around town.

Better Water for Better Health 

The health benefits of water are numerous, but people won’t drink it unless it’s fresh, pure, and delicious. That’s why Lipsey Water is never treated with anything that could compromise its natural quality.  

Our water is directly sourced from a deep rock spring in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Because it’s situated on 180 acres of private, family-owned land that’s enclosed by national forest, it’s protected from agricultural and industrial contamination. Lipsey Water comes from a source you can trust, which is especially important when you consider how unhealthy tap water can be. 

My wife will only drink Lipsey water. She takes it to work, on trips, vacations in canisters and bottles. Excellent product. Wishing you the best for many more years of service with a quality product.

– Joe O’Weger – Marietta, GA

We take water purity seriously. That’s why Lipsey Water is rigorously tested for chemicals, metals, and other contaminants. The analysis performed by the National Testing Laboratories confirms again and again that our water is pure, fresh, and free of harmful chemicals and toxins. 

Our water is so well-trusted for its purity standards that we’ve been the sole water provider for the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) since 1991. Need to see it to believe it? Ask us for an independent lab analysis of Lipsey Water to see our water quality for yourself.

It’s easy to give your body the water it needs when it’s delivered right to your door. Whether enjoyed at home or on-the-go, your family will have exceptionally refreshing water with the beneficial minerals you need for a healthy life. 

We have truly enjoyed Lipsey water since 2001. We began drinking Lipsey water to better hydrate my first wife, who was diagnosed with cancer in January 2001. We have been drinking it ever since.

– David Flamm – Marietta, GA


Beautiful and Sustainable Packaging

Our water is bottled exclusively in pharmaceutical grade glass, ensuring we deliver pure and delicious spring water to your Atlanta home. These high-grade glass bottles are crafted and designed in Murano, Italy — the glass capital of the world. They’re not only beautiful, but also environmentally friendly and endlessly recyclable.   

These five-gallon, handcrafted glass bottles are heat sterilized between uses, which means harmful chemicals won’t touch your water. It also gives them a much longer life than traditional plastic bottles, helping your family reduce your environmental impact.  

You won’t need to buy and discard plastic water bottles when glass-bottled fresh mountain spring water is delivered right to your home. In fact, the average family of four who makes the switch to Lipsey Water avoids buying over 1,700 plastic water bottles annually. Together, we’re taking steps to keep our water source and the planet as pure and safe as possible.  

Your family deserves fresh, delicious water. Try Lipsey Water completely free for two weeks with no obligation.

Growing up, my two children always had perfect dental check-ups — no cavities! I always attributed those beautiful smiles and perfect teeth to the fact that we had a bottle of amazing Lipsey Water in the kitchen for the kids to drink instead of sugary sodas. I just think that delicious tasting cold water made a difference. Thanks Lipsey!

– Joy Burnham – Roswell, GA


My children never drank a full bottle of water. Now they drink four to five cups of water a day. Thank you for the great taste and how refreshing it is.

– Jean – Atlanta, GA


Before we started our Lipsey Water service, my 6 year old son would never drink water. Whenever I gave him water, he would ask for juice. Now, whenever I give him juice, he asks for water! He drinks Lipsey water all the time!

– Lori Ambrose – Lawrenceville, GA

Unparalleled Customer Service

At Lipsey, we’re proud to deliver the freshest water to your home in world-class style. That’s why you’ll always see our water caterers in clean, crisp uniforms, including a catering apron and the signature Lipsey bow tie. 

Every water caterer at Lipsey undergoes extensive training to ensure you always receive courteous, thorough, and unobtrusive service. From when you place your first order until your caterer finishes your home delivery, you have the peace of mind that comes from our top-rated customer service practices. 

We put you first, every time. At each delivery, we take the time to inspect your dispenser to ensure everything is working properly. If you ever experience any issue, we’ll be there to resolve it promptly and with courtesy for your time and needs. 

Give your family the mineral-rich refreshment you’ve been looking for. You have nothing to lose, but you do have fresh, healthy water to gain. 

I have been a Lipsey user since the 90s. LOVE the water! I began shortly after a summer with a particularly bad drought and the chlorine in the tap water had increased to the point I could smell it across the room. I really like that we get annual reports of the analysis of what’s in the water. I try to eat only whole foods as much as possible and pure unprocessed Lipsey water is an important part. Also, the glass bottles are very important to me too!

– Vickie Kilfara – Atlanta, GA


Free Water Home Delivery Service For Two Weeks

If you want all of the benefits of bottled water delivery for your home, apartment, condo or flat, try Lipsey Water home delivery for two weeks. It’s free and easy.

Fill out the form today to request your own, two-week trial.

After the free trial ends, we’ll create a water delivery calendar customized you. Decide how often you want water, and we’ll deliver based on the most efficient schedule.

Experience Lipsey Water. Bottled in Glass, Delivered with Class.