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5 Work Perks Your Team Wants but Won’t Ask For

Work perks are often one of the main reasons a person chooses to work for one company over another. Having a good salary is, of course, very important, but perks and other benefits are just as important to today’s employees. But employees are often shy about coming forward and letting you know what they want, […]

The Process of How Tap Water Gets to Your Faucet

Most people never think about how running water actually works. They simply turn on their faucet and the water is there. While they understand the idea of a city water source, water lines, and pipes that carry water into the house, few people really know how the entire system works. Having a home water delivery […]

The Surprising Top Office Feature Job Searchers Are Looking For

What’s the number one feature you look for when applying for a job? Unlimited PTO? Outdoor working space? Working from home? Actually, the number one feature is coffee. In fact, 85% of employees surveyed that they want tea, coffee, and other refreshment facilities. Providing this encourages workers to fuel up throughout the day and be […]

Here’s How Workplace Environment Affects Performance

Business owners are constantly looking for ways to increase employee productivity in order to increase revenue. In fact, most of them would agree that it is the sole responsibility of the employee to be productive. Owners might assume their staff can get more sleep, eat a good breakfast, and drink a strong cup of coffee […]

6 Alternatives to Plastic Water Bottles

Georgia’s hot temperatures will cripple you if you don’t stay hydrated this summer. It’s time to not only get environmentally friendly, but also time to take care of your personal health! Skip out on grabbing bottles of water at the store, and invest in a home water delivery service in Atlanta. Read on to learn […]

Why Your Office Should Try the Pomodoro Technique

When you work from home, you can often get too focused on a project and find yourself spending all day stressing out over it; and to make matters worse, sit down for long periods of time trying to hash it out.  Sure, you may have completed a number of projects, but likely there remains more […]

How to Drink Water Correctly

There’s no denying the health benefits of water are numerous. How many times have you heard that you need to drink more water? You constantly hear about the importance of staying hydrated and the benefits of water. Having a home water delivery service in Atlanta is the most convenient way to stay hydrated and healthy. […]

Did You Know? Sitting Can Kill You

Studies have shown that prolonged sitting is not only bad for your health, but it also decreases brain function and focus. Encouraging employees to take a break from sitting is a great workplace practice. This could mean using the trip to the water cooler as a trigger to stop sitting and get moving, as any […]

Every Drop Of Water Counts

Fresh water is a critical and finite natural resource – even if it may seem like we have water in abundance. Water scarcity has become a reality in the US; as one of the fastest growing metro areas in the region, Atlanta is considered a high-risk area for water shortage – much of it is […]

Staying Hydrated in The Summer Heat

Drinking water is essential for staying healthy, and maintaining your optimal body temperature, especially around summer time. It’s important that you carefully monitor your water intake – according to research, men should drink about 15.5 cups, and women should have at least 11.5 cups, daily. Staying hydrated has a direct impact on your health; it […]