4 Exciting Perks Your Employees Will Love

Exciting Perks Your Employees Will Love

Employees love perks. In fact, sometimes the perks of the job are what keep your employees engaged and happy. While high salaries are great, employees can often go to any of your competitors and make just as much. It’s the perks they stay for.

These benefits don’t have to be anything extravagant or fancy. For example, something as simple as having bottled water delivery in Atlanta can be a major perk for your employees, especially during the summer when it’s important to keep hydrated. So, what perks do your employees want? Here are some that your team will love.

Paid Vacation and Sick Time

Everyone needs a break every now and then. Your employees need to be able to take the time to recuperate from an illness or to recharge without worrying about their monthly budget. Paid time off, including both vacation and sick leave, is an important perk that all employers should offer if they want to recruit and retain the top individuals in their industries.

Being able to take time off without it affecting their paycheck is something employees view as a necessity in today’s world of balancing work and home life. Whether it’s due to illness or because they want to attend a child’s school play, employees want to have the freedom to take time off while getting paid to do so. Of course, this doesn’t mean your paid time off policy has to be unlimited, but it does mean offering reasonable vacation and sick days.

A Comfortable Work Environment

Employees spend eight hours or more at the office every day, so it’s important that you make that space comfortable. This includes having ergonomic chairs, making sure the air conditioning and heating work as they should, and having windows that let in a good amount of natural light.

For employees who spend all day on the computer, installing ergonomic keyboards is often a necessity. This not only makes their daily activities easier, but it also helps improves their health by preventing carpal tunnel syndrome and other related issues.

Making the office comfortable doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. Often, simply talking to your employees about what they would like to change or which new perks they want added is all it takes. Bringing in a new microwave for the break room, replacing harsh lights with softer bulbs, or letting employees pick out a new paint color for their offices may be all it takes.

Provide the Occasional Meal

Bringing in pizza once a month or taking the office out to eat after a particularly stressful project is a great way to show your employees how valuable they are. Even providing small snacks such as crackers, peanut butter, and other healthy foods will be noticed and appreciated.

Again, your employees are in the office for about a third of their day, and while they will have a lunch break, they’re still going to get hungry, and that’s going to make it difficult for them to focus on work.

Offer Easy Access to Lipsey Water

Atlanta is hot, and your employees may find themselves getting thirsty or dehydrated. Having cool Lipsey Water on hand to drink is more than just a nice convenience during these hot months—it helps employees stay hydrated and healthy.

Having employees fill up their water bottles at the water fountain or from the sink is a decent solution, but it’s not the freshest or coldest water available. Combine a water cooler with crisp Blue Ridge Mountain water, and your employees will love filling their cup up.

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