5 Surprising Ways Water Can Make You Look and Feel Better

5 Surprising Ways Water Can Make You Look and Feel Better

It’s no surprise that water is crucial to a healthy body. The human body is made up of mostly water, and the organs, skin, and muscles all rely on water to keep it going.

Besides sustaining life, there are numerous benefits that come from being properly hydrated. You can try all of these suggestions today and start seeing results. For Atlanta residents, you can get the freshest water by availing of Atlanta bottled water delivery service. Here are five surprising ways water can make you look and feel better.

1. Improve Digestion & Nutrition

The body’s digestive system uses water to help metabolize food, extract and carry key nutrients, and help remove waste.

Nutrition-wise, you can’t have good health without proper hydration. Water helps flush waste from your digestive tract which allows organs to do their job.

For instance, the small intestines are able to absorb nutrients and transport them to the bloodstream more effectively based on how hydrated the body is.

Water from hot and cold water dispensers also aids in circulating these nutrients through the bloodstream via blood plasma that is composed of mostly water. Vitamins, nutrients, proteins, and more are easily distributed because of water. The kidneys, which are responsible for waste and toxin excretion, also benefit from water.

2. Brighten Your Mood

If your body is acting up, or if you find yourself being irritable or tired, dehydration may be the culprit.

For those that find themselves lacking energy when 2 o’clock rolls around, or you’re always reaching for an energy drink or coffee, chances are you’re dehydrated. Drinking water can boost your energy in many ways that caffeine can’t. In fact, caffeine is proven to lead to burnout by overstimulating an already tired body. Replacing caffeine with water will supercharge your body’s energy.

In addition, your overall mood is connected to fatigue. Water is a necessary resource for your body, so don’t let it go thirsty for too long! If you do, you’ll find that your mind will become foggy and disoriented. Much like skipping your daily lunch, you may even experience crankiness. Water will be a surprising remedy to these symptoms.

3. Regulate Your Body Temperature

Water also plays an effective role in body temperature—more than you might realize. In cold temperatures, water in blood moves towards our organs to contain warmth. On the other side of the spectrum, sweat helps cool the body down on a hot day. Water is responsible for this. The more water your body has to “work with”, the easier it is to regulate your temperature.

4. Maintain Bright, Glowing Skin

Ask any model the secret to a healthy complexion, and they all will answer “hydration is the key”. Water helps purify and cause our skin to be clear, ridding it of impurities. You might be causing your skin cells to be dying of thirst – cracked and dry skin is a telltale sign of dehydration. This can have lifelong side effects such as the wrinkling of the skin.

Your skin is just the surface of what is happening in your body. Internal organs need water even more so than your skin, so be sure to drink enough water. When you start drinking more water, you’ll feel better and look healthier.

5. Better Workouts and Recovery

You know you need water during your workout, but are you getting enough of it? Our muscles are made up of water and perform best when hydrated. Water also aids our muscles in rebuilding themselves once they break down.

In fact, if you’re working out, you may be trying to lose weight. Good news: water has been shown to aid in weight loss when you’re drinking a lot of it. It’s important to understand the ways water will help you achieve fitness goals and how it benefits your workouts and recovery.

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