5 Ways to Stay Healthy While Working from Home

5 Ways to Stay Healthy While Working from Home

While many of us are still thankful for being able to wear our sweatpants and comfy clothes at home, we find we’re not keeping up with our health as much as we did when we were going into the office every day.

The new year is around the corner, and after working from home so much you’ve noticed that you’ve slacked off with your health. (Maybe you decided you’re going to take better care of yourself in 2021.) That means drinking less coffee, eating less junk food, and drinking more water. You even looked into home water delivery in Atlanta.

Working from home is nice, but let’s face it, we have all slacked a little on our productivity, and have even forgone our usual health routine. The good news is you can make changes now to stay healthy as you keep working from home. Here are five tips to help you stay committed.

Five ways to be healthy working from home

Take a break from sitting

All that sitting isn’t good for you. In fact, too much sitting can kill you. Instead of sitting at home all day, create a standing desk for yourself. And by that we mean try putting your laptop on a higher surface than your desk or table so you can stand while you’re working. If creating a makeshift standing desk isn’t an option for you, try taking a few minutes every hour or so to walk around your home. Or take a dance break or stretch. Anything to get your body moving every so often to get your blood pumping.

Meal prep

Sure, you may have been meal prepping before COVID-19, but who says you had to give it up while working from home? By meal prepping, you can control how much you’re eating and you avoid consuming any additional, unwanted calories. Meal prepping also gives you the chance to choose to eat healthier meals instead of getting your favorite fast food delivered to you.

Get your daily exercise

If you’re leery about going back to the gym, we get it. If you don’t have workout equipment at home, try going for a walk around your neighborhood. Getting daily exercise doesn’t mean you have to pump iron every day or make it strenuous. Just doing something as simple as walking around the block or finding a no-weights workout online is sometimes all your body needs. Show up for yourself. You’ll feel so much better if you do.

Drink more water

Water is paramount to our daily health. Your body needs water to keep up with its vital functions. Drinking water helps you improve your cognitive health, protects against diseases, and will help you maintain a healthy weight.

Drinking more water seems like such an easy way to stay healthy. Well, easier said than done. Your tap water may not taste so good. Buying filters all the time for your refrigerator or your pitcher is a hassle. And the thought of having to go to the store just to buy plastic water bottles is not ideal, especially if you’re trying to be more environmentally conscious. You want fresh, spring water that’s readily available. Your best option is a bottled water delivery service.

When you choose home water delivery, you don’t have to think about going to the store, and you don’t have to get it from your sink as you can have it fresh from hot and cold water dispensers. Home water delivery will keep you staying hydrated and will remind you to drink more water throughout the day. (This will also help you to get up and move, too!)

Practice self-care

Ah, yes. Self-care seems to be the latest trend, but it’s truly an essential way to stay healthy and keep you happy. Practicing self-care means setting aside some time to allow yourself to unwind and give yourself a break. That looks different for everyone. Do whatever will help you de-stress from the day. Try some deep breathing exercises, reading your favorite book, or even enjoying your morning coffee on the porch. Self-care could also look like creating a schedule for yourself and sticking to it. That may look like having an exact time you stop work. If you have kids at home with you, give them the chance to practice self-care for themselves too!

Make it easy to stay healthy

Staying healthy while working from home doesn’t have to be complicated. Try implementing one or two of these tips a week, or all of them at once; do whatever you can handle. The important thing is making an effort. The easiest way you can stay healthy these days is by ordering Lipsey water and getting it delivered to your door.

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