5 Work Perks Your Team Wants but Won’t Ask For

Work Perks Your Team Wants but Won’t Ask For

Work perks are often one of the main reasons a person chooses to work for one company over another. Having a good salary is, of course, very important, but perks and other benefits are just as important to today’s employees.

But employees are often shy about coming forward and letting you know what they want, even if it’s something as simple as arranging for office water delivery services. Here are a few of these benefits that employees might want, but won’t ask for. Making them happen will go a long way to making your team happy.

Good Health Insurance

Many companies offer health insurance, but nothing frustrates employees more than finding that their insurance doesn’t cover certain medical appointments, medications, or procedures they have to have.

While coverage offered through work is generally more affordable than what employees paid if they purchased insurance privately, the cost often isn’t the true issue. Employees want health insurance that will help them without a lot of red tape. If your employees aren’t happy with their insurance, consider going with a new carrier.

Paid Sick Leave

Everyone gets sick from time to time. Sometimes an employee will be out a day here and there due to a cold, but sometimes, they may be out for a week or more with the flu or pneumonia.

When an employee gets sick, the last thing they (and you) want is for them to have to choose between staying home to rest and coming into work to earn their daily pay. Employees should be able to focus on getting better without worrying about being short on their bills or rent at the end of the month.

Paid sick leave is almost a requirement in today’s workplace rather than a perk. If you don’t offer it, you may be losing outstanding people to your competitors who do.

Keep Employees Hydrated

Many studies have both pointed out the benefits of drinking water and the fact that many people do not drink enough. By hiring an office water delivery service, you can make certain your team stays hydrated and always has something healthy to drink.

Besides giving them something to drink, you’ll also help them work better. Dehydration can affect employee work performance, making them feel tired and less focused. In the summer or in hot areas, being hydrated is especially important.

Flex Time

Today’s employees, especially younger employees, are looking for a better balance between work and their home life. Some have children and want to be able to take them to school without worrying about being late. Others may be taking care of an older family member and need to be able to take them to doctor’s appointments regularly.

Having flex time or the ability to work from home when needed is a major perk that many employees love. While it’s not always an option at every job, if you can offer flex time or hours, consider doing so. Not only will your employees be happier, they are likely to work harder, too.

Help Your Employees Reach their Goals

Some CEOs and other company leaders are afraid that if they help an employee gain new skills and knowledge that the employee will leave the company for a better job. This isn’t always the case.

Creating employee development resources and educational plans actually helps you prepare employees to move up or over to another department. It also shows employees that you value them as people rather than workers who do a job. Yes, some may leave, but overall, employee development improves retention.

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