The Truth Why Your Fridge Water Dispenser Doesn’t Taste Good

The Truth Why Your Fridge Water Dispenser Doesn't Taste Good

Ever wonder why the water from your refrigerator dispenser tastes different than bottled water? Perhaps you thought it was just your imagination. However, there is an actual reason for the difference in taste. You may have noticed water tastes different when you have traveled to another state or even to a different county. You can also probably tell the difference between drinking tap water and getting water from a hot and cold water dispenser in Atlanta.

Water’s taste is influenced by its source. Your local municipal water source treats tap water. Bottled water typically comes from natural spring water, but over time can take on the taste of the plastics in which it is packaged. Refrigerators are a better choice over plastic bottled water. Most people prefer to drink water from their refrigerator instead of buying a filter for their kitchen faucet or keeping up with a filtered pitcher. Unfortunately, refrigerators are not as clean as we would like them to be.

The problem with refrigerator water

Getting your drinking water from a dispenser is indeed a safer choice than drinking bottled water. The plastic used for bottled water can slowly dispense chemicals into the water it contains and can even slowly dissolve into the water.

Getting your water from a refrigerator is a healthy choice over bottled water because it forgoes the chemicals in plastic. However, refrigerator water has been known to have contaminants in it. The most popular microorganisms in refrigerator water are coliform and salmonella. Both bacteria commonly appear in drinking water. The best way to remove these bacteria from water sources is through chlorine treatment, which, even after this treatment, does not guarantee the bacteria is no longer present in water.

At this point, you’re probably thinking, “Surely the refrigerator filters catch these contaminates.” Most refrigerators use carbon filters, which are useful to remove harmful bacteria or other substances. The carbon effectively catches water impurities like pesticides or other chemicals. However, the problem arises with low-quality filters as they are not as effective as others that are of higher quality. And higher-quality filters means a higher price tag. Another issue that comes up is that carbon filters are the most useful the more the water is in contact with the filter. If you live in a home with a busy family who are always reaching for water, the more effective the filter is. If you only reach for your refrigerator water a few times a day, the less effective the filter becomes. The less effective a filter becomes, the higher the risk of exposure to harmful contaminants and bacteria.

The benefits of drinking water from dispensers

There is a better option! Getting home water delivery in Atlanta and drinking water from a hot and cold water dispenser means drinking contaminant-free water, plus it’s better for the environment. At Lipsey, we provide customers with high-quality water, and we use sustainable technology to protect the water and its natural purity.

We use minimal filtration to remove fine particulates while leaving beneficial minerals intact. We never treat our water with chemicals, preservatives, or anything that would compromise the water’s natural quality; instead, we purify our water using only naturally occurring ozone.

Other water dispenser companies will package water in plastic. While this plastic is typically better quality than the plastic you get from bottled water, it will still degrade over time and significantly more during reprocessing. Glass, however, is endlessly recyclable. That’s why we store our water in high-grade glass, which is environmentally friendly and keeps water as fresh as the day it was bottled.

Make a healthy and sustainable choice

Drinking water that is sustainably sourced and of high quality is a simple choice we can make for our health and the earth. This simple task should be as easy as possible. You can keep up with buying new refrigerator filters every so often and install them yourself. Or you can make it easier on yourself and have Lipsey water delivered to your door bi-weekly or monthly. There are several benefits of getting a water delivery service. It’s easily the best option if to avoid any adverse health risks of drinking poorly filtered water.

We bottle our water at the source at the Blue Ridge Mountains. All of our water comes in pharmaceutical-grade glass coolers that are made in Murano, Italy. We take pride in our resources’ quality so we can bring you the freshest, high-quality water for your, our customer. If you’re curious to learn more about our product, contact us today. If you’re not sure about our water, try it out for two weeks for free.