Top 3 Free Apps to Help You Drink More Water

Top 3 Free Apps to Help You Drink More Water | Lipsey Water

We’re all familiar with the “8 glasses a day” recommendation for water, although that isn’t actually true, it turns out. The amount of water you should consume per day varies by person, with many of the apps listed below coming with their own pre-sets and recommendations.

Whether you’re drinking from the tap or having a bottled water delivery service, it helps to know how much you should consume and to be reminded of it by an app. An app reminding you to drink more water could prompt you to place another order for your delivery, for example, or could remind you to take some tap water with you to work that day.

Here are the 3 best apps to help you maintain a healthy water intake throughout the day.

1. Plant Nanny Uses Gamification to Help with Water Intake

Plant Nanny essentially takes inspiration from games such as Farmville, forcing you to drink water every day in order to keep a virtual garden of plants alive and well. The idea, of course, is that when you drink water, you’re “watering” your virtual plants and watching them grow. Although this may seem juvenile, this sort of thing has been shown to be very effective, with gamification now invading the realm of water drinking!

2. Drink Water Reminder Leverages Data for Daily Recommendations

This app does what it says on the tin, literally. However, it also does so much more. One of the more personalized water apps out there, Drink Water Reminder takes a lot of data into account, such as your location, climate, and daily activities. As a result, it calculates a rough estimation of the amount of water you should be consuming each day according to your personal circumstances. Drink Water Reminder can give you a good idea of the balance you should strike. The app nudges you at set times throughout the day, reminding you to keep hydrated as your day progresses.

3. My Water Balance Suggests More than Just Water

Another app which is more personalized to your lifestyle, My Water Balance crunches your personal data and uses it to spit out an amount of water which you should be drinking every day. This app also comes with a list of drinks you can choose from, calculating how much water they contain. For example, you can say that you’ve drunk water, yogurt, broth, tea, coffee, kompot, wine, and much more. The app knows roughly how much your beverages consist of “water” (as opposed to other ingredients) and will update you throughout the day on how much water you still need to consume.

In addition to these apps, signing up for a bottled water delivery service can help you stay focused on your hydration. If you’re looking for high-quality bottled water delivery in Atlanta, contact Lipsey Water today.