4 Smart Solutions to Water Shortages

Illustrations Representing Clean Water | Lipsey Water

March 22nd marked World Water Day, which focuses on taking action to address the worldwide issue with water shortages. While home water delivery in Atlanta provides fresh, clean mountain spring water right to your door, there are many areas in the United States and around the world where people struggle to find access to adequate amounts of clean drinking water due to droughts and other economic and environmental conditions. Fortunately, there have been a number of technological innovations developed to help people find and purify their freshwater systems.

The WaterSeer

This device is planted below the ground’s surface, but it’s not a well. Instead, it harnesses wind energy to pull air into a condensation chamber that collects water as the warm air cools and vapor condenses. The water pools into the lower chamber where it can be extracted using a simple pump and hose.

The Drinkable Book

The non-profit group, Water for Life, partnered with Carnegie Mellon researchers to develop this educational filtration tool. The book’s pages filter polluted and unsafe drinking water, reducing 99.9% of the bacteria present. Many people in developing parts of the world drink contaminated water because they don’t realize the dangers in doing so, which is why the pages of the book also contain information on basic water and sanitation advice. There are enough filtration sheets in each book to provide their reader with four years’ worth of clean water.

The Billboard That Collects Water

This billboard provides more than large-scale advertising — it’s able to capture and collect humidity in the air that’s turned into clean, drinkable water. Developed by the University of Engineering and Technology of Peru, this innovative billboard is helping a nation marked by water insecurity. Peru often sees less than two inches of water a year, forcing residents to turn to unsafe drinking water pulled from polluted wells.

The Lifestraw

From mountain trails to developing nations, this small, innovative tube is making a big impact on access to clean drinking water. Made with a straw-style filter, it allows the user to safely filter up to 1,000 liters of contaminated water, eliminating dangerous pathogens like typhoid, dysentery, and cholera. These products are available for retail sale but are also distributed through humanitarian efforts in response to disasters or in outreach to developing nations that lack clean water supplies.

The need for clean water affects everyone, including Georgia residents. Recently, Georgia was listed along with 32 other states as having tap water containing toxins. Fortunately, with home water delivery from Lipsey Mountain Spring Water, you know you’ll always have access to clean, fresh, and delicious water.

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