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Skin Benefits of Hydration: What Does Water Do for Your Skin?

Staying hydrated is essential for maintaining optimal health and well-being. Our bodies are made up of about 60% water, and water plays a vital role in many important functions, including transporting nutrients to cells, regulating body temperature, and flushing out toxins. In addition to its many health benefits, hydration can also have a positive impact […]

The Benefits and Risks of Warm, Hot, and Cold Drinking Water

  Do you and your partner have two different ideas of what makes a good glass of water? Perhaps one of you prefers ice-cold water, and the other prefers water at room temperature. You may even debate over whose water preference is the best option for your health. You might be wondering, “What is the […]

How Water Helps with Bloating and Gas

Everyone knows what it feels like when you haven’t had enough to drink throughout the day. You might have a dry mouth or even get a headache because of it. Aside from the obvious health benefits of drinking water, did you know that drinking water can also help with gastrointestinal issues? If you are wondering, […]

How Important Is Your Drinking Water’s pH?

You have likely seen and heard advertisements for various types of water, some of which boast various pH levels and water from the freshest sources in the world. But how do you know what the best pH for drinking water is and what sources you can trust? Much like the difference between spring and mineral […]

What Does Drinking Water Before Bedtime Do to Your Body?

Water and sleep have a complex relationship because the amount of water you drink impacts your hydration levels and, thus, your sleep quality. Sleep can also impact your hydration levels, which is why it is important to consider building healthy habits and the effects of drinking water before bed. There are several benefits to drinking water […]

Alkaline vs. Spring Water: Which is Better?

  At Lipsey Water, we understand that you care about the water you drink and are here to help you find the healthiest drinking water for you and your family. Water security and purity continue to be a concern for American households, and consumers are paying more attention to where their water comes from. More people […]

Is Atlanta Tap Water Safe to Drink?

  When you think about getting a drink of water, do you turn on the tap or reach for a bottle of water? Sometimes you might be concerned about where you live and the quality of the water available in your area. For residents and visitors alike, you might be wondering, can you drink Atlanta […]

The 5 Main Differences Between Spring Water & Mineral Water

  It’s easy to assume that all drinking water is the same. After all, it’s just water. However, there is more to water than meets the eye. Depending on where you’re located and what type of water you prefer to drink, your options may be different from someone else’s. This article will introduce you to […]

8 Healthy Habits You Can Start & Maintain This 2023

  In today’s world, it’s so easy to get caught in a whirlwind of stressors and pressures that we end up neglecting our own needs, which can take a toll on our bodies and minds. To set yourself up for success in the New Year and beyond, you must create positive habits that will support […]

6 Reasons to Ditch Your Plastic Water Bottle Today

The average person needs to consume at least 8 cups of water per day. And more than half of all respondents to a survey by the International Bottled Water Association indicated they keep a bottle of water by their desk or in their car for daily consumption. Given the prevalence of plastic water bottles, it’s […]