5 Benefits of Using Glass Water Bottles

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Whether you’re taking them on the go or receiving home water delivery in Atlanta, glass water bottles have a plethora of advantages over plastic. The following are five benefits of glass bottles to get you started.

Free from Contaminants

Almost all of us have had the unpleasant experience of taking a sip from a plastic or metal bottle and tasting something that definitely wasn’t water. Sometimes it’s as harmless as the residual taste from the container holding something other than water. However, the presence of harmful chemicals like bisphenol A (BPA) can be hazardous for human consumption. Glass containers won’t leach chemicals, nor will they absorb the residual odors or tastes of other beverages.

Easy to Clean

Glass bottles are easy to keep clean and won’t lose their clarity from being washed or infused with fruit and herb blends, as plastics commonly do. They can be sterilized at a high heat in the dishwasher without the worry that they’ll melt or degrade. Potential toxins are eliminated while upholding the structure and integrity of the glass bottle.

Holds a Steady Temperature

Whether hot or cold, glass bottles hold liquids at a steady temperature more effectively than plastic. Glass can be used for liquids other than water without absorbing foreign flavors, odors, or colors. That means you can use a glass water bottle to hold your hot tea in the morning, and use the same water bottle for refreshingly cold water in the afternoon.

Environmentally Friendly

Glass is endlessly recyclable, keeping it in use and out of landfills. The majority of plastic bottles end up in landfills or in water sources. Even the plastic materials that get recycled don’t always make it through the whole recycling process, further complicating plastic’s ability to be a sustainable material. Of the 30 types of plastic available, only seven are commonly accepted for recycling. On the other hand, all glass is recyclable, and the only criteria for sorting glass is its color. In fact, most glass manufacturing uses recycled post-consumer glass that is crushed, melted down, and made into new products.

Keeps Liquids Clean and Fresh

Glass bottles preserve taste and are better for the environment and your health. That’s why Lipsey Mountain Spring Water is always bottled in pharmaceutical-grade glass. They’re heat sterilized in between uses, ensuring the water you drink is fresh, pure, and delicious.

Signing up for our home water delivery services helps you reduce plastic bottle usage, so you reduce your family’s environmental impact. On average, a family of four that receives Lipsey Water avoids purchasing around 1,700 half-liter plastic water bottles annually.

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