Benefits of Employees Drinking Water

A healthy workforce is a productive workforce.  Promoting better health for your employees can really pay off.  When workers are healthy there is less absenteeism, health costs are reduced, and job retention increases. One easy way to help employees make a healthier choice is by making quality bottled water available at the office.

Below are some of the benefits of keeping your employees properly hydrated.

  1. Improved mental alertness – When we get dehydrated, our brain cells lose efficiency.  Drinking water provides the hydration our body needs that improves short term memory, focus, and increases mental alertness.
  2. Improved energy – When employees work hard, it can lead to fatigue.  When our bodies don’t have enough water, all our major organs function less efficiently.  When employee’s are tired, it’s hard to perform on the job.  Employee’s needing a quick pick me up can reach for a glass of water and realize a natural boost of energy.
  3. Boosts morale – Having a perk like bottled water available shows that a company is willing to invest in their employees’ health and wellbeing.  Small benefits like that makes employees feel valued and appreciated.
  4. Increased productivity – if your employee is feeling that afternoon slump, reaching for a glass of water can refuel their tank.  When an employee feels their best,  it improved efficiency.
  5. Less sugary cravings – It’s proven that an empty stomach can lead to hunger pangs.  When an employee feels hungry, they may want to grab a bag of chips, a candy bar, or a can of soda.  Reaching for a glass of water instead can stop cravings.  It gives helps you feel full.  Unlike junk food which can lead to a sugar crash, water provides a natural energy lift that is sustaining.

A company’s employees are their best asset.  Showing employees that you care and providing access to water is a cost effective, proven way to keep workers happy, healthy, and strong.