Bottled Water Test Results

InfographicHumans require water for life, and access to fresh, clean drinking water is an issue that affects all of us.  According to the World Health Organization, people worldwide are at risk for developing water-related illnesses due to microorganisms and chemicals in the water they drink. While this risk is much greater in countries with less advanced public water resources, there are still many Americans who do not have access to clean drinking water.

While major storms can have major adverse effects on public drinking water, some reports estimate there are nearly 250,000 water main breaks in the United States every year. With cuts in Federal and State funding for water infrastructure maintenance and upgrades, the number of incidents are on the increase. In Dekalb County, a water main break caused a boiled water advisory as recently as July of 2015, and this was just one of many incidents in Metro Atlanta since January.

On top of that, recent studies have proven that even bottled water from well-known and supposedly trustworthy sources is actually just bottled tap water. So where are we to turn for reliably pure drinking water?


Every year, Lipsey Water provides samples of its water to a highly-respected, third party to test the quality of its mountain spring.  In 2015, the testing of Lipsey Water was conducted by National Testing Laboratories, Ltd,(NTL). NTL is one of the largest independent laboratories in the U.S. specializing in the analysis of drinking water for chemical and microbiological contamination.

In the past year, National Testing Laboratories has worked with over 400 U.S. and International bottled water and beverage plants to provide the highest quality testing services. NTL recently achieved ISO 17025:2005 accreditation.

For over 30 years, National Testing Laboratories has worked with public water systems (city water), environmental consultants, engineers, water treatment professionals, bottled water plants, well drillers, food producers, pharmaceutical companies, laboratories and home inspectors.

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*Atlanta water quality data source: 2014 City of Atlanta Water Quality Report