Georgia Included in 33 States Found to Have Toxic Water

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There are so many reasons to choose spring water over tap water, from the source of the water, to the level of filtration, mineral content, health benefits, taste, and more. If you’re still on the fence about the benefits of home water delivery in Atlanta, the health benefits of spring water should move to the top of your list. According to a Harvard study that was published in the international Environmental Science & Technology Letters journal, there are 33 states where the presence of industrial chemicals has toxified the drinking water. Thirteen of those states account for 75% of the toxic water detection — one of which is Georgia

What’s in the Tap Water?

The Harvard study found industrial chemicals known as polyfluoroalkyl and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) that exceeded the EPA’s safety level recommendations in 66 public drinking water sources for some 6 million Americans.

PFASs are used to make a variety of everyday items, such as fabrics, non-stick cookware, and food packaging. When they make their way into drinking water, they can stay in your body for a long time. PFASs have been linked to obesity, high cholesterol, suppressed immune systems, and even cancer. These chemicals are especially dangerous to children’s immune systems.

The study found that the highest levels of toxic water supplies were in watersheds near military bases, industrial sites, and wastewater treatment facilities. For example, fire-fighting drills on a military base or airport use PFAS-based foam, which can then wash into the ground and into drinking water. PFASs can’t be removed from wastewater by standard treatment methods, increasing the chance of infiltrating the water supply.

Keep Your Drinking Water Safe

As this study found, it can be easier for containments to enter the tap water supply than you might think. Unfortunately, most home water filters can’t completely remove PFAS chemicals. Millions of Americans may be drinking unsafe water, but you can keep your family safe from industrial chemicals. When pure mountain spring water is delivered directly do your door, you know you’re getting water that has been rigorously tested to verify that it’s free of chemical contaminants like PFASs.

Spring water is bottled at the source before being minimally filtered to remove harmful impurities while preserving beneficial minerals. For Lipsey Mountain Spring Water, our water is sourced high in the Blue Ridge Mountains, away from industrial sites where PFASs can contaminate the water supply. We never use chemicals or preservatives in the filtration process, ensuring the water we deliver to your home is fresh, pure, and delicious.

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