Is Drinking Cold Water Bad For You?

Is Drinking Cold Water Bad For You

After a day of yard work or a grueling sports game, you may be craving a large glass of ice water to cool you down and offer refreshment. But some people will tell you that drinking cold water is bad for the body, and room temperature is a better option. For most people, drinking cold water is fine and can even have a positive effect, but others with certain conditions may experience symptoms worsening when they drink cold beverages. If you can’t decide the right temperature to enjoy your Atlanta bottled water delivery, read on for more information.

Benefits of Drinking Cold Water

For those participating in sports or working out, drinking cold water has been shown to have a positive impact. By keeping your core temperature lower, the cold water may prevent overheating and allow your body to have a more successful workout. The body also burns a small amount of extra calories as water is consumed, as it is working harder to maintain that low temperature.

Many people also only enjoy water cold. If the choice is drinking no water or cold water, the latter is always the best choice because of the importance of hydration for health.

Risks of Drinking Cold Water

Cold water has been known to aggravate health conditions. This can include any common cold or illnesses that produce mucus- think about the way hot soup helps soothe a sore throat or clear your nasal passage. Cold water could have the opposite impact and worsen congestion. It is also thought that cold water can increase your risk of these illnesses in the first place, as it reduces white blood cell counts and the movement of cilia in the throat, which are meant to sweep away viruses and bacteria.

People who experience chronic headaches or migraines also report cold water worsening symptoms. For some, it brings on migraines or headaches.

Another condition that is linked to cold water consumption is achalasia. This condition limits the body’s ability to pass food through the esophagus. People who suffer from achalasia often report that drinking cold water with their meals tightens the muscles, making it more difficult to swallow and causing pain.

What About Hot Water?

Drinking warm or hot water is similar in that it can have both risks and benefits. Higher temperatures can help digestion, aid circulation, and help the body shed toxins faster. As mentioned, it can also be helpful if you are congested or have other common illnesses.

It has also been shown that drinking warm and hot water can make you less thirsty, even to your detriment. If your body is trying to keep its temperature low by sweating, it will need more frequent hydration. Make sure to keep your water intake up even if you choose warming temperatures.

What Is “Room Temperature”?

Most people will recommend drinking water at room temperature, but this definition can vary. Some rooms may actually be very hot or cold, so rather than a literal measure, this is meant to indicate a middling temperature. Room temperature is often meant to mean around 68° F. When it comes to refreshment, chilled water is often cited as 43° F, and up to 104° F can be termed lukewarm. Anything above 120° F is considered an unsafe temperature for consumption.

The Importance of Hydration

While there may be scenarios that make cold or hot water a better choice, the most important thing you can do is consume enough water to hydrate your body. The recommendation for someone who is not physically active is six to eight glasses per day, with increases if you exercise often.

Many experts suggest a large glass (16 ounces) of room temperature water a few hours before exercising and a smaller cup (8 oz) again 10 to 20 minutes before beginning. Sip cold water during exercise every 15 to 20 minutes.

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