Keep Cool with These Beautiful Ice Cube Ideas

Berries and Flowers in Ice Cubes | Lipsey Water

Ice cubes clinking in a glass are a quintessential sound of summer. This year, why not dress up your ice with beautiful, natural elements like fruits, herbs, flowers, and more? These ice cube ideas will make any summer drink Instagram-worthy and every party memorable. Beautiful cubes start with Lipsey Water, your trusted provider for home water delivery in Atlanta, to get that fresh mountain spring water taste that everyone will enjoy.

Rose Petal Cubes

Rose petals won’t affect the flavor of the water, but they’ll look stunning encased in ice. Be sure that you get petals that haven’t been treated with chemicals or pesticides. Fill ice trays half-full of water and allow them to freeze. Then delicately place the petals on the ice, top with water, and freeze again.

Honey and Orange Zest Cubes

Snuggle up with the warm, comforting flavors of orange zest and honey. As always, the liquid components go first, followed by the dry goods on the second step. Mix the honey and water together at a ratio of one tablespoon of honey for one cup of water, and add in the zest from half an orange after the first layer freezes. Top with the remaining honey and water mixture and freeze again to encase the orange zest in ice.

Lemon Ice Cubes

Lemons are the classic companion to a cold glass of water, so kick it up a notch and encase them in ice. They’re bright and refreshing, like a ray of sunshine in your glass. All you have to do is slice up some lemons and layer them into ice cube trays before serving them up in water, lemonade, or iced tea.

Strawberry and Basil Cubes

Strawberries and basil come together for a fantastic summer flavor, and their red and green colors pop when they’re frozen in ice. Cut the strawberries into small enough pieces to fit the tray, and chop up fresh basil. When the ice melts, the strawberries make a great snack.

Red, White, and Blue Cubes

These fun ice cubes are ideal for Fourth of July celebrations and are made with blueberries, raspberries, and pomegranate seeds. Be sure to wash the berries well before adding them to the trays, and then cover them with water and freeze. As the ice melts in your drink, you’ll notice that the berries tint the water beautifully.

There are so many ways to keep cool with beautiful ice cube creations. Whether you favor with fruits, flowers, herbs, or a little bit of both, be sure to start with the clean, refreshing taste of Lipsey Mountain Spring Water. We proudly provide water delivery service to homes throughout the Atlanta area, helping families stay healthy while reducing environmental waste. Experience the Lipsey difference for yourself with a free, no-obligation two-week trial. Contact us or call 770-449-0001 to get started today.