Why Bottled Water is Better Than Tap


Drinking water—tap or bottled—is important to maintain hydration and plays a crucial role in one’s health. Fresh water invigorates your mood, leaving you feeling refreshed.  

Utilizing bottled water delivery in Atlanta ensures you’re provided with and have access to the best water available. Here are several reasons why consumers choose bottled water over tap water.  

It Undergoes Purification  

Tap water is drawn from reservoirs, and chlorine is added to kill bacteria and microorganisms. Unfortunately for consumers, a large amount of chlorine is left behind. As you can imagine, the chlorine consumed is not good for your body. Many purified bottled water producers use treatment processes to remove all harmful particles. These processes enable them to provide the highest level of purity.  

It Ensures Safety  

One of the downsides of tap water is that it can absorb bad nutrients and toxins. It’s been evident throughout the history of The Public Water System as many of people have gotten sick from drinking from the tap.  

Think about the water situation in Flint, Michigan. The public water has such high levels of lead that it caused serious health problems for consumers. Their best resource for safe drinking water is from a bottle. It is nearly impossible for bottled water to get infected after the purification process.  

It’s Widely Available and Accessible 

Whether you’re in the gym or walking around town, water is the ultimate thirst quencher. It’s easy to grab a bottle of water and drink it on the go. A pitcher of water from the tap would be much less convenient, not to mention the possibility of spills.  

No matter where you are, you can carry travel-friendly water to ensure you’re staying hydrated. Bottled water is almost always available for purchase at a store or vending machine.  

It Lasts Longer  

What makes bottled water so convenient is its shelf life. If the water is left out of sunlight, and outside the range of toxic chemicals, bottled water can last forever. Tap water, on the other hand, cannot be stored because it isn’t drawn from a private source.  

When Hurricane Harvey hit, the public water system was cut off. Unfortunately, if the victims didn’t stock up on water bottles before the storm, they didn’t have access to water. That’s why those who were donating supplies donated bottled water. Since it never expires, it can’t hurt to keep stock of it in case of emergencies.  

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