Why is glass bottling for water important?

Why is glass bottling for water important? Learn why glass is superior for your bottled water in the list below.

Is impermeable and nonporous. Safeguards against moisture and oxygen invasion. Sanitary and odorless.

Can be irradiated—an attributed for sterilized applications for the future.

Is recyclable. Does not pollute. Important environmental consideration.

Combined with foil, can make an effective tamper-evident container.

Is ideal for high-speed filling lines. Speed means more profit.

Takes high-torque sealing. Helps safeguard against leakers in shipment.

Is resealable. Unused products can be saved for future use.

Does not deteriorate, corrode, stain or fade.

Is microwavable—(depending on the specific type of jar).

Needs no protective coating inside. Products stay uncontaminated.

Is stackable on shelves. Makes a neat and uniformly good impression.

Is economical, when advantages are weighed against other packages.

Is retortable. Can be used to process foods and other products at high temperatures.

Is a proven package for strong chemicals and solvents.

Is transparent. It can showcase a product and entice the buyer.

Has FDA acceptance. Considered a safe packaging material.

Is made from abundant raw materials. A reliable supply is assured.

Is available in stock or private molds. Stock molds can be economically customized in appearance.

Can achieve a hermetic seal and prolong product shelf life.

Creatively shaped or decorated. can add consumer value after product use—specifically for crafts or collectibles.

In amber or green, can filter out harmful ultraviolet rays. Protects product integrity.

Is attractive. Connotes richness and substance. Provides a quality image for products.

Has proven customer appeal. confirmed by independent tests.

Is compatible with child-resistant closures.

Is autoclavable. Great for injectable and other pharmaceutical products.

Can be labeled, colored, silk screened, enameled, etched, sand blasted or coated. Decoration opportunities abound.

Has almost a zero rate of transmission. Guards against loss of moisture, product strength, freshness and aroma.

Can be formed into various sizes and shapes. Can provide a strong family identity for product lines.


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