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7 Perks To Help You Get Your Employees Back To The Office

Getting back to the office after a prolonged period of working remotely can be awkward and stressful for employees, making them hesitant to return on-site. If your company is looking to convince employees to come back to the office, whether full-time or hybrid set-up, it’s important to understand where your employees need support for a […]

The Truth That Plastic Water Bottle Companies Dont Tell You

The world is facing a crisis with plastic. We’re now finding more and more plastic in our water, soil and even the air we breathe. The problem has reached such epic proportions that there is even an international day devoted to discussing how we can reduce the amount of plastic waste we produce. As awareness […]

Which Is Better: Tap Water or Water Delivery Services?

  Do you trust the tap water in your community, or are you concerned about lead or other contaminants? If you’re looking for an affordable way to stay hydrated, a home water delivery service might be a great solution for you. Water delivery services may also be a good option if you live in an apartment […]

How Well Do Water Purifiers Work?

Purifying water to make it safe for drinking and other uses is just as important as finding that water in the first place when it comes to prepping for natural disasters or long-term emergencies. Without potable water, you and your family can’t survive for long regardless of how well stocked your emergency food supply is. […]

Where Does Your Drinking Water Come From? Is It Safe?

You drink water daily, but do you know where your drinking water comes from? If you fill up your cup from the tap, you are likely drinking water from a public water system supplied by a lake, river, or aquifer. Since water makes up over 60% of your body, it’s pretty important that you have […]

Best and Safest Ways to Store Water for Drinking or Cooking

Are you looking for new and creative ways to access fresh drinking and cooking water for your home? Or are you curious about storing water for an emergency? It is so important to make sure you drink safe water free of contaminants that can make you sick. Whether you want to invest in a water […]

Is Fluoride in Drinking Water? How Much of It is Safe?

When you go to the dentist, you might get a fluoride treatment to help strengthen tooth enamel and prevent decay. People at a higher risk for cavities and tooth decay can benefit from additional fluoride protection, especially among adults. But did you know fluoride can also be found in your drinking water? In fact, in […]

Water Vs. Soda: Which Drink Hydrates Better And Why!

Hydration is critical to maintaining a healthy and functional body. A hydrated body means there is an even and balanced level of water and other particles in the blood and cells so that they can work well and fuel our active lives. Our bodies are mostly made of water, and even a small loss of […]

Why Staying Hydrated Throughout the Day Is Important

It is vital to your health that you drink enough water throughout the day— It helps support healthy functioning and prevents dehydration. Over half the human body is made up of water and it is an essential part of human life. Vital organs like your brain, heart, and lungs are made up of water – […]

What Is BPA? Is BPA in Plastic Water Bottles Dangerous?

We live in a world where plastic is used for so many things. From foods and beverages to toys and electronics, it seems like just about everything is wrapped in plastic these days. While plastic may make certain processes more convenient and inexpensive, its negative impact on our health and the global environment cannot be […]