7 Things That Will Help You Remember to Drink Water

7 Things That Will Help You Remember to Drink Water

The benefits of drinking plenty of water are vast. Drinking water replenishes lost fluids, helps regulate the body’s circulation, and can even stave off depression. However, it’s easy to neglect or forget about such a routine activity as drinking water. Fortunately, there are several ways to remember when to drink, with some solutions going so far as to recommend how much water to drink. Continue reading to find out about smart phone apps, special bottles, and hot and cold water dispensers that will help you remember to drink water!

Create a Water-Drinking Support Group

Involving friends and family, setting hydration dates, and discussing the benefits of drinking water are samples of group activities that two or more people can perform. Whether the method is an instant message, a video call, or a face-to-face meal, having other people to hold one responsible is a great way to develop a good habit.

Keep Close to Reliable Sources of Water

When at work or at home, make a note of where the nearest sources of water are. During travel or running errands, keep a water bottle or similar container on hand and at least half-full. When water is readily available, keeping hydrated will become a simpler task. Having home water delivery in Atlanta services will surely make things easier for you.

Eat Water-Rich Foods and Snacks

Foods like cucumbers, celery, cantaloupes, and watermelons have high contents of water. Whereas they don’t replace glasses of water completely, they’re a superior alternative to foods and beverages that rob the body of water such as salty snacks and carbonated soft drinks. Plus, this helps makes sure you don’t get dehydrated.

Use a Smart App

Whether the app is a simple alarm clock or a sophisticated fitness app, using an app on a smart phone can set helpful reminders on when to drink water. Basic apps will remind the user to drink water at certain intervals, while more complex apps can track a user’s statistics, make a game out of maintaining good health, or even provide rewards for maintaining healthy habits.

Buy a Smart Water Bottle

It’s entirely possible for the water bottle itself to remind its user to drink water. Basic smart water bottles have built-in digital alarm clocks. Complex smart water bottles communicate with an internet-enabled device such as a smart phone to send reminders and keep records of water consumption. As is the case with smart apps, more sophisticated smart bottles can track additional data to optimize the user’s health.

Get A Water Dispenser

Hot and cold water dispensers aren’t just for the office! Have you ever thought about getting a water delivery service that would refill a dispenser for your home? These services exist and they’ll help you remember to drink more water. Plus, the water normally tastes much fresher and is a pleasure to drink.

Add Natural Flavor to Water

Complementing water with a favorite fruit, vegetable, or herb will make hydration more appealing. Note, though, that the flavoring should be the actual raw food instead of an artificial additive such as a processed powder. Common variants include lemon water, cucumber water, and water with a dash of mint.

Drink After Every Bathroom Break

Using the restroom removes water from the body. Even a basic run to wash hands removes moisture. Training oneself to have a glass of water after each trip to the restroom also has the added benefit of removing toxins from the body due to the increased frequency of bathroom usage.

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