Improve Employee Wellness with These 7 Ideas

Improve Employee WellnessEmployee wellness programs have become an increasingly popular sight across the corporate world as companies have come to realize that a rejuvenated and ‘well’ employee force is key to a productive and successful company. Additionally, companies that offer such programs see a remarkable decrease in employee absenteeism, as well as a competitive edge when the top talents are faced with a choice among employers. Focus on only financial remuneration is not enough to cut it in the modern workplace; you need an employee wellness program.

Here are some ideas to get you started on initiating a welfare program for your employees.

Conduct Walking Meetings

The age-old idea of meetings being held behind closed doors with all the employees sitting down evokes a sense of nervousness among employees, which can lead to decreased creativity and attention spans. In stark contrast, studies have revealed that walking actually leads to a better flow of ideas and increases the creative output of participants by 60 percent. By encouraging managers to conduct walking meetings, you’re encouraging better participation from your employees.

Just remember to give your employees a heads up the day before you head out – you don’t want to catch them not dressed properly for the occasion.

Organize a Monthly Potluck

Do you know what your employees love? Anything that helps distract them from their daily work routine. Organizing special events in the workplace that nurture a sense of belonging and a healthy lifestyle is a good way to promote employee wellness.

One popular idea is a potluck lunch where employees treat their colleagues to a healthy homemade meal. Make it fun by making it the pick of the draw. First, decide which recipe to cook, then draw names from a hat to decide who is to prepare that recipe.

Make Water Readily Available

Sure that sounds biased from a water delivery service in Atlanta, but it’s actually a great thing for employee well being.  Many employees will work until they are dehydrated without realizing it.  This makes them feel a bit more cranky and their attitude suffers.  As a result, their work suffers too.   Water won’t fix a bad attitude but making bottled spring water convenient to the staff means that there is less chance of an employee meltdown due to dehydration.

Plant More Plants Around Your Office Space

Nobody wants to stare at a screen all day. A change of scenery can increase employees’ productivity. While an office trip to the forest may seem unfeasible, you can certainly bring the forest (plants) to your office.

A workplace that includes houseplants and large windows for ample airflow leads to increased employee satisfaction and improved productivity. Don’t take our word for it. Scientific research backs it up.

Display a List of Dining Options Within Your Office’s Vicinity

There is a high probability that your employees have to travel from another town to come to the workplace. Unfamiliarity with their surroundings at work means they are often unaware of the available food choices nearby and eat at the first restaurant they come across.

As a responsible employer, it is your duty to ensure healthy eating is the norm among employees. Create a list of restaurants that offer healthy food options within a 2-mile radius of your office. This way you ensure your employees are aware of the food choices and can choose a healthy diet.

To take it a step further, you can even mention some of the popular items on the menu to help your employees make healthy choices.

Arrange Stress Management Sessions

Stress takes many forms and shapes and may come from either an employee’s personal or professional life. However, successful organizations take into account how stress can affect an employee’s contribution and why stress management is important.

One way to cope with it is to organize weekly stress management meetings in which a small circle of employees can attend and talk about their problems without fearing unusual or biased treatment from fellow colleagues. It is important to emphasize empathy and comfort to ensure a productive and effective stress management event.

Initiate a Smoke-Free Campaign

The fact that tobacco smoke is unhealthy is no hidden fact. But it still continues to be a staple part of various workplaces. Not only is the smoker affecting their own health, but smoking also adversely affects those around them. Most companies offer designated smoking areas within the workplace, but this is not a definitive solution.

The employees that are still smoking in such designated areas continue to impact their health negatively. The problems faced by these employees will result in a drop in their performance, which in turn affects the workplace.

To help employees, companies can institute a company-wide, campus-wide smoke-free. In addition to the elimination of designated smoking areas, employees should have access to cessation material that is helpful for employees who want to quit smoking. There is no obligation, but an incentive to quit might result in many more employees pursuing a healthier lifestyle.

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