Why It’s Important to Stay Hydrated in the Winter

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Staying hydrated doesn’t just quench your thirst. It’s essential for survival and optimal brain efficiency. Most people recognize the importance of drinking excess water during the summer, but doing so in the winter time is just as critical to your health and wellbeing. This winter, consider investing in home water delivery in Atlanta to stay better hydrated. Here’s why you need to get started. 

Your Body Needs It! 

Support Your Immune System 

Winter is already a sedentary time, but dehydration can make people want to be even less active and feel more tired than usual. If your body doesn’t have the necessary amount of water, your immune system weakens, and you increase the chance of catching the common cold or flu.  

With cooler temperatures and drier air, the winter is notorious for the spreading of illnesses. As a result, the lack of humidity can lead to a higher rate of dehydration. If you find yourself with congestion or a cold, boost your water intake to thin the mucous in your nose, mouth, and lungs. The thinner the mucous, the faster it’ll leave your body and you’ll start feeling better. Drinking water and staying hydrated helps the body fight diseases and keeps the immune system strong. 

Maintain Your Ideal Weight 

People tend to eat more during the holidays than any other season. Between Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s celebrations, many people face weight gain come January.  

However, drinking water before and after meals can help with weight loss. Water helps the body break down fats, leading to faster digestion. Plus, if you drink a glass of cold water before a big meal, you’ll trick your body in to feeling full, resulting in less food on your plate and a lower caloric meal.  

Tips for Staying Hydrated this Winter 

Get Fluids from Food 

Water is the main ingredient in a variety of foods, especially fruits and vegetables. Eating a healthy dose of nutritious fruit and veggies will help you stay more hydrated. Making smoothies and soups are great ways to increase your water intake through food.  

Drinking Tea 

During the winter months, most people crave something warm to keep them cozy. Tea contributes to your daily water total and is almost completely calorie free. Tea not only keeps you hydrated, but it also contains a lot of necessary nutrients for your body during flu season.  

Spruce Up Your Water 

Not everybody finds water appetizing, meaning they drink it less, especially in the winter time. However, incorporating refreshing, natural flavors into water is an easy way to make it taste better. Need a quick recipe? Mix lemon, raspberries, or strawberries with fresh mint for a refreshing, yummy beverage that encourages hydration. 

Not All Liquids Are Hydrating 

Even amid all the holiday celebrations, do your best to stay away from sodas and alcohol to stay hydrated. These drinks are extremely dehydrating and contain a great amount of sugar and fat.  

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