5 Reasons to Drink More Water in the Winter

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It’s no secret that water is critical for a healthy lifestyle, but do you know just how impactful it really is? Your body is 60% water, and your brain is 73% water. Without it, you’ll lose concentration and battle fatigue. That’s why you should take advantage of home water delivery in Atlanta for the best water this winter. Here are seven things to inspire you to drink more water in the winter.  

1. Detox Your Body 

Winter is a very sedentary time due to the lower outdoor temperatures.  The less you move, the more important it is to drink water. Consistent water intake rids your body of impurities and keeps you feeling energized and healthy, even when you’re not as active as the warmer months. 

2. Get Clearer Skin 

Eating too much candy might not be the only reason your face breaks out during the winter.  Low water consumption can cause breakouts and skin irritations. When you drink more water, it helps your body flush out toxins that can lead to breakouts. Without water, chemicals have to find other routes to escape your body, like through your pores.  

Not only will your face break out when you don’t drink a lot of water, but it also can get scaly and dull. The hot and dry air from heaters don’t help your skin, either. For clean and healthy skin this winter, plan to take in more water.  

3. Increase Energy  

Dehydration can be the reason you find yourself getting tired in the afternoon, but that doesn’t mean you should rush to get a cup of joe!  Instead, drink a cold glass of water. If your brain does not have enough water, it can slow down your bodily function and use up more energy. Your brain’s need for water is one of the most important reasons to stay hydrated in the winter.  

4. Dehydration 

During summer months, persistent sweating helps you lose water. However, during winter months, there’s a misconception that because you’re sweating less, you don’t need as much water. Plus, you’re more likely to drink warm, holiday drinks that are tasty but dehydrating. 

Remember to keep a water bottle nearby, even on the coldest days. Some of the beginning signs that you are dehydrated is that you will begin to urinate less often, produce less tears, or your eyes appear sunken.   

5. Keep the Weight Off  

To help you avoid gaining weight this winter, make a commitment to increase your water intake. The more you drink, the easier your food digests. A lot of people put on weight during the winter months since they’re moving less and eating more. Drinking water can help you maintain your weight. Plus, drinking ice cold water can even help you burn calories.  

Your brain and body often confuse thirst with hunger, leading to a higher caloric meal. A good way to prevent this is to drink a glass of water, and if you still feel hungry, it’s time to eat.  

Water is a necessity for your body to be able to perform its daily functions. It can also increase your immunity and overall health in the winter. Make sure you’re drinking the best water this season by calling Lipsey Water at 770-449-0001. Get started with your free two-week trial today!