4 Things You Might Not Know About Water

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Water is undoubtedly the world’s most important resource. Despite that, there are many facts about water that most people don’t know. In addition, there are several myths and misunderstandings surrounding water, its usage, and its quality. Reading these four things you may not know will help you understand the numerous benefits of home water delivery in Atlanta. 

1. “Legally Safe” May Not Be Safe Enough

For tap water to be declared “legally safe” by the EPA, it should contain less than the maximum acceptable levels of nine regulated contaminants. That doesn’t mean it’s completely free of those containments. This standard also doesn’t account for the thousands of unregulated properties found in tap water.  

2. Safe Water is in Short Supply

There are over 2 billion people on the planet who lack access to safe water. Safe or not, over half of the world’s population is forced to walk at least three miles to find and collect water.  

About 80% of the population gets their water from groundwater supplies. The downside to that is around 4% of usable groundwater is polluted.  

Can you believe that less than 1% of the earth’s total water supply can be used for drinking water? By 2025, the United Nations predicts that two-thirds of the planet’s population will face a scarcity.  

3. Tap and Bottled Water Comes with Risks

Most people know that tap water isn’t always best, and choose to spend money on bottled water instead. What they don’t know is that two of the largest brands of bottled water — Aquafina and Dasani —simply treat and bottle tap water then sell it at higher prices.  

In fact, a quarter of all bottled water available on the market is sourced from municipal taps. Bottled water can be upwards of 1000 times more expensive than tap water without any added health benefits.  

4. Your Home Could Be Wasting Water

Whether it’s lifestyle choices or structural issues, the way you live could be a key contributor to water waste. Household leaks such as dripping faucets and faulty drains contribute to 1 trillion gallons of wasted water annually.  

Cutting showers short to use one less gallon of water would result in 85 billions gallons of water being saved every year, so long as everyone in the United States participated. Every person in the U.S. uses around 50 gallons of water a day in their home, so every drop saved helps.  

Water That’s Better for You and the Environment 

Lipsey Mountain Spring Water will change the way your home uses water. It’s bottled at the source from a rock spring deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains and is minimally processed to keep beneficial minerals intact.  

The average family of four who makes the switch to Lipsey Water avoids buying over 1,700 plastic water bottles annually. This adjustment benefits both your wallet and the environment.  

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