5 Ways to Make Drinking Water a Permanent Habit

5 Ways to Make Drinking Water a Permanent Habit | Lipsey Water

Do you want to make drinking water a habit to improve your health? It’s actually easier than you think! The best way to start putting water first is investing in a glass bottled water delivery. Then, consider these five tips to make hitting your daily recommended water intake less of a chore and more second nature.

1.    Get a Routine and Stick with It

Try and create a water drinking schedule that fits your daily life. For example, wake up and have a glass of water, one with your mid-morning snack, one with lunch, one with your afternoon snack, and one with dinner. Drinking water at the same time every day helps create a habit. It’s recommended to link sipping water with common activities like going to the bathroom or taking an afternoon stroll.

2.    Sub Out Your Sugary Drinks for Water

When you are full on other liquids, it’s harder to drink water. Establish your water habit by drinking water instead of other sugary beverages like soda, juice, lemonade, or sweet tea. You don’t have to quit drinking these drinks right away, but it doesn’t hurt to start diluting them with water and ice. That way, you will still get the sweetness you crave but get the extra water intake.

3.    Invest in a Superior Water Filter

Water is easier to drink when it tastes crisp and delicious! Filtered water taste better than any liquid coming out of the tap or water fountain. It’s great to invest in a system for your kitchen sink and for your portable bottle.

4.    Water on Standby

It’s easier to remember to fill up on water when the source is convenient. That’s why you need to keep a water bottle or a gallon jug nearby you as often as possible. This serves as a constant reminder to drink more water.

5.    Track Your Consumption

There are so many different ways to track your water intake! Buy fun, reusable stickers or vinyl clings and put them on the side of the water bottle. This helps make drinking water fun and easier to record the number of glasses you drink. If you’re tech savvy and want to use an app on your phone, there are plenty to choose from. You can even schedule specific times of the day to be reminded to drink more!

Water is one of the most important things that you can put into your body, and now’s the time to start consuming more. Once you start drinking more water, your body will start to crave it, and you’ll realize how important it is. Give Lipsey Water a try for two weeks. Not only is it easy, but it’s free to try! Call 770-449-0001 today to begin your experience with Lipsey Water. Bottled in glass, delivered with class.