7 Most Hydrating Foods

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Did you know you can have your water and eat it, too? Many fruits and vegetables contain enough water to help increase your water intake. Although you still need your eight or more glasses a day, it’s time to combine your bottled water delivery in Atlanta with the hydrating punch of these fruits and veggies. 

Iceberg Lettuce 

With 96% water content, iceberg lettuce has the highest water content compared to its other lettuce alternatives. It’s low in calories and high in fiber and vitamins A&C. Make it the base for your salad or add it to any sandwich or wrap. Looking for a more low-carb option for your sandwiches? Substitute your bun or wrap for lettuce! 


Have you ever wondered why people put cucumber slices over their eyes? This green vegetable is made up of 95% water and contains a substance called Fisetin which helps reduce inflammation.  

Cucumbers are also loaded with potassium, making it easy for you to stay hydrated and keep up with your nutrient levels. Cucumbers are the perfect snack to eat alone, chop up in a salad, or infuse in your water for a refreshing taste! 


This crunchy vegetable is packed with vitamins and minerals known to have cancer-fighting qualities. It is also known for neutralizing stomach acid for people with heartburn or acid reflux. Celery is made up of 95% water and is the perfect snack to eat alone, with peanut butter, or hummus.  


Did you know the spicy flavor of radishes acts as a cooling agent, relieving the body of extra heat? This rad vegetable is loaded with 95% water and contains key minerals and antioxidants to keep you healthy. Roast them and serve as a side dish or snack on this crunchy vegetable like carrots. 


Is it a fruit or is it a vegetable? Regardless, this bright red food holds 95% water and is high in potassium and vitamins A & C. Unfortunately, ketchup doesn’t count, but you can chop up tomatoes and make salsa, or slice one up for a BLT sandwich. For a quick and easy snack, try sweet cherry or grape tomatoes! 


Water is in the name, hydration is its game. This melon is packed with 92% water and contains healthy minerals and natural sugar, making it the perfect summer snack to keep you hydrated and satisfy your sweet tooth. Add watermelon to your water, or purée and freeze it to make delicious ice pops. 


This delicious red berry is small but mighty with the highest water content compared to other berries containing 92% water. Strawberries are perfect to snack on, add to a smoothie, yogurt, or water for extra flavor! 

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