Everything You Need to Know About Filtered Water

Everything You Need to Know About Filtered Water

You’ve probably been told that filtered water and bottled water are better for you than tap water, but you may not know why. While all water may, on the surface, appear to be the same, it’s actually not.

If you drink water from a service that offers home water delivery in Atlanta, you’re drinking filtered water that is higher quality than what you get out of a tap. Let’s take a look at why that’s true and how filtered water can actually help improve your health over time.

Tap Water and Contamination

The water that comes out of the tap is either surface water or groundwater. Surface water comes from lakes, rivers, and reservoirs, while groundwater can be found in underground aquifers and must be brought up to the surface. Both can be used as tap water, but it must be purified and treated first. If it’s not, it can contain a number of contaminants, dirt, and other debris.

The problem is that water is only treated at a water treatment facility. Once this purification process is done, that water then has to travel through pipes to reach your home. It may travel miles to get to your tap, and along the way, it can pick up new contaminants. Many water pipes have been in place for years, which is plenty of time for them to become less than perfectly clean. Lead, aluminum, fluoride, chlorine, and even arsenic can be found in tap water.

While these contaminants aren’t usually bad enough to cause issues from drinking tap water, they can be if large amounts of them build up over time. These contaminants can lead to reproductive difficulties, gastrointestinal illnesses, and even contribute to certain neurological disorders. Young people, the elderly, those with weak immune systems, and pregnant women are especially susceptible to these conditions.

Should You Drink Your Tap Water?

Finding out exactly what’s in your tap water isn’t easy nor cheap. Testing your water can be costly. Testing the water from one faucet doesn’t necessarily tell you anything about the water in another part of your house, either, so you have to test every sink.

If your water does come back with contaminants, there’s not much you can do about it. While using tap water to shower and clean is fine, drinking it when it’s highly contaminated is a health risk. You will want to consider making the change to filtered water or having water delivered to you regularly.

How Filtered Water Is Healthier

If you make the switch to filtered water, there are a number of health benefits. First, obviously, this water won’t have any of the contaminants in it that your tap water does. The water is filtered and then immediately bottled, so it doesn’t flow through pipes or anything else after purification.

Filtered water also removed carcinogens. These agents can actually promote cancer, but trace elements aren’t always removed from tap water. Filtered water doesn’t contain any carcinogens. It also removes bacteria that live in the water and can multiply in pipes.

If you have noticed that your tap water looks dirty or has a weird taste to it, you’ll notice a big difference when you switch to filtered water. It doesn’t contain chlorine, which affects the taste and smell of tap water. It’s much easier to get excited about drinking clear water, so you’re likely to be better hydrated if you have filtered water to drink.

Lipsey Water is Clean and Great Tasting

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