Fresh Spring Water Versus Store-Bought Bottled Water

Fresh Spring Water Versus Store-Bought Bottled Water

While shopping at your local grocery store, you have probably walked down the aisle for bottled water and wondered what the difference is between the fresh spring water and the bottled water you buy. Is there a difference? After all, most store-bought bottled water says it’s bottled at the source of a fresh spring. Even if you’re someone who avoids the bottled water from stores altogether and you get home water delivery in Atlanta, you’ve likely pondered the difference between the two types of water. Here are the differences between the two and which one is better for you.

Store-bought bottled water

Ask anyone you know what their favorite water is, and they’re likely to name a bottled water brand. Most of their reasons will be because they like the way it tastes over other brands. Others may say that the water brand they like best is because it seems to be the freshest. They may point to the label and say, “They get it from an actual spring!”
Did you know that most bottled water is just tap water? Most bottled water companies add minerals to the water to give it a fresh-tasting flavor. The difference in these companies lies in the different minerals they add to the water. Each branded bottled water varies too in its pH levels, alkalinity, common metals, and other chemicals pulled from its plastic vessel.

Bottled water is great because it’s convenient for people who are on-the-go a lot. But while it’s not the same as drinking water from a puddle, it’s not much different than drinking water from your sink. Plus you run the risk of drinking expired water if you’re unsure how long bottled water lasts.

Fresh spring water

Spring water is considered to give you the most health benefits because it’s clean water. Real spring water is, as water should be, clean. However, this entirely depends on where it comes from. Actual spring water comes from a natural, mountain, or artesian spring — not from the tap.

Because spring water comes from an underground source, you can trust it to be free of many of the chemicals and minerals we usually find in our tap water. While the benefits of drinking water are good for your overall health, drinking clean water that doesn’t have the contaminants bottled water has is a bonus to your health. Before you buy spring water from a company, make sure that you know where they get their spring water and how they are packaging it. Ideally, you should look for spring water that is clean and packaged in glass, not in plastic.

Choose fresh spring water over bottled water

So, which one is better for you? Store-bought bottled water or fresh spring water? The information presented is obvious: drinking fresh spring water is clean when it’s stored in the right kind of container. If you’re not sure where to get fresh spring water, don’t worry. At Lipsey, we believe you shouldn’t have to compromise your health for convenience. We deliver fresh spring mountain water right to your door when you sign up for our home or office water delivery service in Atlanta.

We bottle our water at the source at the Blue Ridge Mountains. All of our water comes in pharmaceutical-grade glass coolers that are made in Murano, Italy. We take pride in the quality of our resources so we can bring you the freshest, high-quality water for your, our customer. If you’re curious to learn more about our product, contact us today. If you’re not sure about our water, try it out for two weeks, on us. That’s free water for you! We hope you stay healthy and happy.