Is Purified Water the Same as Distilled Water?


With all the options for staying hydrated out there today, how are you supposed to know which water option is the best for your Atlanta bottled water delivery service? It’s hard to know which water will do the best job quenching your thirst when you’re not even sure what the difference between distilled and purified water actually is. So, what is distilled water? And what makes it different from purified water? And, finally, which one should you drink?

Let’s take a brief look at two of the main types of filtered, bottled, or deliverable water available: purified water and distilled water. You’re likely considering one or both of these options because you’re not satisfied with the tap water in your area. The good news is, you’re already on the right track by choosing bottled water over tap.

Purified Water

As its name suggests, purified water is some of the purest water you can drink because purified water is a designation that refers to the actual quality of the water. Water can become purified through many different processes, each leaving the resulting drink with varying levels of minerals and flavors. Distillation, reverse osmosis, and ion exchange are just a few of the methods used to get the result of purified water. In order to be classified as purified water, the end beverage must have a parts per million (PPM) of 10 or less. In case you are thinking about spring water vs purified water difference read our comprehensive.

Distilled Water

Distilled water is actually a type of purified water because of the process it goes through to remove contaminants. Many people don’t realize that distilled water is actually a type of purified water because of the name designation. But distilled water actually goes through a process called distillation (which might sound familiar if you’re into bourbons or spirits). Distillation means that water is boiled, and the steam from the boiled water is captured and condensed back into the water. Distilled water contains no bacteria and virtually no contaminants. It’s got a PPM of close to one. One downside to distilled is that it can absorb minerals of whatever vessel it’s in or touching. So, most people don’t store distilled water (especially in plastic) for long periods of time as the plastic can shed particles into the water.

As you can probably tell by the descriptions, distilled water is simply a type of purified water. What makes it unique is the type of purification process it goes through in order to become pure. And because both types of water, purified and distilled, have PPMs less than 2, they certainly qualify as purified water. In both cases, contaminants have been removed, but distilled water will have fewer minerals than many purified waters because of the process it goes through.

Which Should I Choose for my Home or Office?

Lipsey Mountain Spring water uses a unique filtration process to remove contaminants and fine particles but leaves minerals intact in our water. This gives Lipsey Mountain Spring water its crisp, refreshing taste that we’re known for. Our water is never treated with chemicals or preservatives and is purified using naturally occurring ozone. This means that Lipsey Mountain Spring water keeps you hydrated and healthy, and it tastes amazing.

Because of the different processes that distilled and other purified waters go through, there can be a difference in taste, but that is up to everyone’s personal preference. Because most of the minerals have been removed from distilled water, some people choose other methods of purification to make sure they’re retaining the healthy minerals found in water that can help keep them hydrated. But, it all comes down to your personal preference.

Many people keep distilled water on hand, if not for drinking, for its other helpful purposes. Because distilled water has had all minerals removed, it’s commonly used in household appliances and cars because it won’t risk rusting or damaging any appliance or car parts. A few common uses for distilled water around the house are:

  • Steam Irons
  • Aquariums (Mineral Supplements Should Be Added to the Fish Food)
  • Watering Plants
  • Car Cooling Systems
  • Certain Medical Devices, Such as Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Devices
  • Nasal Pots for Rinsing

When it comes to drinking water, you can be sure that Lipsey Mountain Spring water delivers when it comes to totally pure water with great taste. There’s really nothing like it!