Lipsey Water Launches FEMA Water Network

ATLANTA, GA (Sept 3, 2003) – Lipsey Mountain Spring Water recently launched the FEMA Water Network, a Web-based supply chain management system built by B2B Technologies. Lipsey was selected by the Army Corps of Engineers and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to be the sole supplier of bottled water during any federally declared disaster in the United States over the next five years. Lipsey contracted with B2B Technologies, an IT consulting and application development firm specializing in supply chain integration solutions, to build an on-line system to manage the sourcing and delivery of water through a nation-wide network of water suppliers during these emergencies.

“We needed to very rapidly develop a proof of concept and then immediately follow that with a production-ready system. B2B jumped right in and delivered on-time and on-budget and well beyond our expectations,” said Joe Lipsey III, CEO of Lipsey Mountain Water. “The system is essential to me for managing purchasing, logistics and delivery. It considers both product costs and transportation costs, so that I can quickly make the most profitable sourcing decisions. Nothing else like it exists in our industry.”

The FEMA Water Network system is a secure extranet that helps Lipsey collaborate on plans and schedules with its supplier network, which consists of 173 different bottling plants around the US. The system also includes tools to communicate logistics and delivery information to emergency management officials during a disaster. In an upcoming release the system will be integrated with the Lipsey Logistics Worldwide,LLC, which is responsible for the transportation and GPS.

“Lipsey has the tremendous responsibility of ensuring the supply of water to any community anywhere in the United States during a disaster,” said Frank Fuerst, President of B2B Technologies. “This creates a significant supply chain challenge. The supply network needs to go from zero to full capacity in just a few hours. The FEMA Water Network system is the core tool to help make this happen.”


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About Lipsey Mountain Springs Water – The original premium glass bottled mountain spring water company in the Atlanta Metropolitan area. Lipsey Mountain Spring Water uses heat-sterilized 19-liter recyclable Italian glass bottles to protect the water’s purity and great taste – a process that simply cannot be done with plastic bottles. Nature’s finest water, Lipsey Mountain Spring Water, originates from highly-protected springs nestled in the pristine wilderness of the Nantahala National Forest, which is part of one of the Earth’s oldest mountain ranges..