How to Prevent Dry Winter Skin


While a hot summer day might have you reaching for a glass of water, in the chill of winter that same refreshment can seem downright unpleasant. But the chapped skin and stuffy nose you think are just part of winter could be signs of a health issue that isn’t often associated with colder months – dehydration. Get one step ahead by availing services of home water delivery in Atlanta!

Not getting enough water isn’t just a problem in the sweltering heat. The lowered temperatures and drier air that accompany winter means our bodies lose water quickly, leaving us with plenty of noticeable side effects inside and out.

So what exactly are all of the benefits of preventing winter dehydration?

Prevent Dry Skin

Many of us slap on a thicker moisturizer in the winter to combat a flaking and lackluster complexion, but see little to no results. That is because this extra-strength lotion can’t combat the deeper issue – dehydration.

While your skin still will need some extra pampering, upping your water intake can help ensure that you keep your summer glow, even after your tan fades. Just a few extra glasses a day leads to lush, hydrated skin that make you seem immune to the frost outside.

Prevent Water Loss

We expect to sweat away our water intake in summer due to the heat, but you might be surprised to find out that our internal moisture is just as easily whisked away in the winter. The cloud of “smoke” that you often see while speaking outside is actually water vapor leaving your body and, when combined with the drying nature of heaters, can cause severe dehydration.

Not only are conditions already ripe for dehydration due to the weather and our hard-working HVAC systems, but often we forget to supplement our water intake after hard winter tasks. Shoveling snow or other outdoor tasks in heavy outerwear can tax our bodies even more than standard exercise and comes with the added bonus of insulating clothing that causes us to sweat even more. A glass of water after clearing off the driveway will do so much more good than a cup of hot cocoa, even if your frozen toes might disagree.

Boost Winter Health

Colder months often come hand in hand with some sort of sickness. Since the outdoors has become a freezer, we tend to stay inside more, giving germs and viruses the ideal opportunity to pass quickly between bodies. But keeping hydrated can help you stay healthy. Drinking more water boosts your immunity to winter illnesses, like the common cold or the flu.

Drinking more water can even help your waistline stay trim, keeping those excess winter pounds at bay by hydrating your body so it can process calories better. Our bodies also can process thirst as hunger, so drinking more water will also cause you to eat less at holiday dinners and parties.

Stay Hydrated This Winter

Remember, the best way to stay hydrated is through water that has been filtered to preserve the beneficial minerals found in nature. But, rather than buying expensive individually bottled water or costly filters, try a pure spring water delivery service to help ensure that your home is never without this vital and delicious resource. Contact us to know more!