The Surprising Top Office Feature Job Searchers Are Looking For

What’s the number one feature you look for when applying for a job? Unlimited PTO? Outdoor working space? Working from home?

Actually, the number one feature is coffee. In fact, 85% of employees surveyed that they want tea, coffee, and other refreshment facilities. Providing this encourages workers to fuel up throughout the day and be productive.

If you need to grab a cup of joe, then swing by one of the water dispensers first to get the best water for your coffee machine.

If you do not have access to one, you can always avail of home water delivery, Atlanta has an abundance of this service.

Having a machine isn’t just adding another perk. It leads to more benefits for your workers you might not realize. Here are five ways that coffee can help your office.

Improved Performance

Do you ever wonder why coffee affects you the way it does? Your brain produces adenosine that makes you feel sleepy. However, caffeine is a stimulant, and coffee stops this effect from occurring.

Drinking coffee can help employees stay focused and concentrate harder on their work. When they are in a slump at work, it will give them the boost they need to push through. Coffee helps employees stay awake because it increases their brain activity and gives them an energy boost.

It won’t actually keep them awake, but it stops them from feeling drowsy. When they feel better, they’ll work better.

Better Office Culture

Socializing with your co-workers and creating employee connections creates an open office culture. Having coffee meetings can create a positive energy in the office and increase coworker friendships. Gathering around the coffee pot in the mornings can lead to better conversations, which means employees are bonding. It’s a place where they can throw creative ideas around and have conversations without having to be in a professional setting.

Faster Learning

Why do you think college students drink coffee when they study? Caffeine can help you absorb and keep new information faster. Just two cups of coffee can help your brain process information faster. Coffee makes you more alert, so you are able to pick up on things faster and even retain it.

A study done at John Hopkins shows that coffee can have a positive effect on memory and can even decrease forgetfulness. Providing a coffee area might give employees the advantage when needing to learn new material.

Save on Costs

The great thing about coffee is that it is cost effective for anyone. If you don’t have a great office supplies budget, you can buy a decent coffee pot for $10. If you have more money to work with, you can spend a little more and get a single cup maker. If your staff has expensive taste in coffee, you can get a lavish espresso maker or Keurig. Just remember, a fresh pot of coffee means happy office staff.

Boost Office Morale

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Access to free food and drinks makes everyone feel valued and appreciated. Not to mention your employees will love the fact that they have coffee at their fingertips whenever they want it.

Don’t believe it? Studies show that 37% of employees would rather have free coffee year-round then the annual Christmas party. If your company is struggling financially, keeping some coffee in the breakroom will give the employees an added boost.

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