Why Is the Water Coming Out of My Faucet a Weird Color?

Why Is the Water Coming Out of My Faucet a Weird Color

It’s probably happened to everyone at some point. You turn on the faucet in your kitchen to pour yourself a cool, refreshing glass of water only to find that the water pouring from your faucet is not clear at all or even remotely refreshing looking. It can be alarming to find brown water coming from your faucet, in your shower, or in your toilet. It’s a common problem with a wide variety of causes, but that doesn’t make it less unsettling. If you hadn’t considered Atlanta water delivery through Lipsey Mountain Spring Water before, these causes for the discolored water coming out of your faucet will have you ordering fresh, clean, and healthy water immediately.

Causes for Discolored Water

The causes for funky water coming from your faucet can be common, but still off-putting. Most causes don’t require a plumber to fix, which is great for your wallet, but what about for health? Consider these reasons why your water is discolored, and then consider if bottled water delivery services might be the solution for you.

  • Rust and minerals – Older homes have pipes made from galvanized iron or steel. These pipes are usually coated with a protective layer of zinc, but this protective coating can wear off over time. This exposes the underlying iron or steel to water and the materials begin to rust, which then flows through your pipes as a yellow or reddish-brown color. Be careful, as this water can stain clothes and furniture and it will definitely taste bad.
  • Algae Buildup- Blockages in filters or other parts of your water system can lead to a build-up of blue algae, which can lead to your water turning bluish-green when it comes out of your tap.
  • Copper Pipes- Another cause of greenish water that you’ll want to address immediately is the potential of copper leaking into your water from copper pipes. Copper can be harmful to humans in large quantities over time if ingested. You’ll know it’s copper by the stains this water leaves in your sink or tub, and from a residue this water leaves behind once evaporated.
  • Mold, tank leaks- If you’re seeing more colors of the rainbow than you’d care to in your water (think blue, black, pink, or purple), these are causes for concern as they’re likely results of mildew growth (black water) or too many chemicals in your water (pink, purple).
  • Polluted water- Your murky water may be the result of your city’s water system being polluted. Most likely this would be as a result of a natural disaster, but sometimes it can be because of a city’s malfunction or mishap within its filtration system. Either way, your water ends up smelling like chemicals, human waste, or worse. This water could be full of contaminants and is to be avoided, and you should call your city’s water department for help.
  • Dirty water- Perhaps you’ve had some renovations done on your home or property, and now you’re seeing dirt in the water coming from your faucet. If the right measures to prevent dirt from entering your water system weren’t taken, you could be experiencing sediment and other dirty particles in your water for some time. This should be rectified immediately by your landlord or construction company.

Atlanta Water Delivery for Clean, Clear Water

Unlike cloudy water, dirty or discolored water flowing through your pipes and into your home can be hazardous to you and your family’s health. Dirty or discolored water isn’t safe to drink or bathe in. But if you’re still concerned with what’s flowing through your water filtration system and how clean your water actually is, consider the peace of mind that comes with Atlanta water delivery from Lipsey Mountain Spring Water.

Lipsey Mountain Spring Water has been delivering only the freshest, purest, and healthiest spring water, bottled in heat-sterilized glass bottles, giving them a longer shelf-life than typical plastic 5-gallon bottles. Lipsey Mountain Spring Water is bottled at the source, using sustainable technology to protect both the water you’re drinking and the purity of the water source. You can rest assured that Lipsey Mountain Spring Water’s minimal filtration process only removes the fine particles you don’t want, leaving you with beneficial minerals. There are never chemicals or preservatives that could compromise your water’s quality.