Best Teas to Boost Your Energy

Best Teas to Boost Your Energy

Drinking water day in and day out makes us feel good, not just physically feeling good, but also because we know we’re making a healthy choice for our body. But reaching for water at least eight times a day can get a little boring. And you can really feel the boring part when you hit that mid-day slump. Instead of sipping an energy drink or soda, try drinking tea to boost your energy with your hot and cold water dispenser in Atlanta. We’ve broken down a list for you to try between caffeinated and herbal teas. All of the following are teas that you can make in your home or at work with your hot and cold water dispenser.

Caffeinated teas that will boost your energy

Drinking tea provides many health benefits. Each type of tea brings its particular nutrition that can help boost your energy and focus. Here are some top choices for caffeinated teas that will help you concentrate.

Yerba Mate

You may have heard of Yerba Mate or seen it in your local grocery store. It’s a native tea from South America that contains high amounts of caffeine, about 85 milligrams per 8-ounce glass. Yerba Mate has more antioxidants than green tea, which are useful for reducing the risk of cancer, lowering cholesterol, and reducing inflammation. It’s sure to give you a quick energy boost while still having less caffeine than coffee.

Green tea

It’s one of the most popular beverages consumed in Asia and well-loved around the world. Green tea is known for its high amounts of antioxidants and amino acids, which help your immune system prevent inflammation. It also has components that help lower bad cholesterol and lower blood pressure. Green tea is also known to boost your metabolism, which helps weight-loss and for getting an energy increase in your day.

White tea

Did you know that black, green, and white tea all come from the same plant? The difference in their name and caffeine amount is in the timing that the tea leaf is picked. White tea is made from tea leaves that are picked before the plant buds have opened, which have small white hairs. White tea has the least amount of caffeine in it but the greatest amount of antioxidants compared to black and green tea. The caffeine will give you enough of a stimulant to give you a quick pick-me-up without overwhelming you.

Herbal teas that will give you a natural boost

You don’t have to have caffeine to get an energy boost. Herbal teas can give you natural focus without additional or unwanted caffeine. Here are some top choices for hot teas that will give you a natural boost without the jitters.

Ginseng tea

Ginseng is an ancient remedy used by the Chinese. It is known to help relax and energize the body. Ginseng tea is also a nutritious tea as it contains lots of antioxidants and is a wonderful remedy for inflammation. It’s well known that ginseng tea is commonly used to increase your cognitive awareness, lower your stress, and boost your mood.

Peppermint tea

You probably have peppermint tea in your home. It’s easily one of the most used teas in the country. The mint flavor gives off a natural cooling sensation, but the peppermint tea also helps with fatigue if you drink it regularly. Even by brewing it and smelling it, you will find your mood will significantly change as you feel more energized during that mid-afternoon crash.

Ginger tea

Ginger tea is commonly used for promoting digestion, blood circulation, and decreasing inflammation. It’s useful for digestion which will help you feel more energized when you choose to drink it regularly as it will naturally increase your metabolism. This tea has a warming, almost spicy flavor and is usually paired with some honey.

Drink more tea and stay focused

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