Top 5 Questions About the Quality of US Tap Water

Top 5 Questions About the Quality of US Tap Water

Many people take for granted the water coming out of the tap or access to freshly bottled water. However, drinking water can become contaminated and there is a lot of work that goes into making US tap water drinkable and safe. Lead is one of the most commonly known contaminants in tap water, though there are many other things that can make the water from your tap undrinkable. It is helpful to understand more about the quality of US tap water and the benefits of Atlanta bottled water delivery.

1. Is tap water safe to drink?

Tap water in the United States is generally considered safe to drink. There are a handful of other countries around the water with safe tap water, including Canada, Australia, and parts of Europe and Asia. Millions of people living in America have access to safe and reliable drinking water straight from the tap. Water that comes out of the tap in our homes comes from treated surface water or groundwater sources.

2. What is found in tap water?

Tap water is considered relatively safe and US tap water goes through a process to make sure it is safe for drinking. However, it is possible for some contaminants to still linger in tap water. Common contaminants in tap water can include chlorine, aluminum, iron, lead, and even low levels of bleach, salts, and pesticides. This is why sometimes, the water coming out of the faucet is a weird color. Some contaminants like lead can cause serious health issues even if found in relatively low doses in tap water.

3. How is tap water treated?

The United States has a filtration system designed to safely and effectively treat water and make it safe for drinking. Clear water passes through filters that dissolve contaminants and unhealthy bacteria, parasites, viruses, chemicals, and dust in the water. Treatment plants can use chlorine to help disinfect drinking water, which is highly effective in killing germs, but also has some drawbacks.

4. How is tap water regulated?

The United States developed the Safe Drinking Water Act, which is a federal law that makes sure tap water in the US is safe for drinking. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has certain standards that must be met for appropriate drinking water quality. Other regulations help to limit the levels of certain contaminants in the water.

5. Is bottled water better than tap water?

Both bottled water and tap water in the US are considered safe for drinking. Both types of water undergo strict standards and regulations to ensure the quality and safety of the water. Plastic bottled water has a higher environmental impact than tap water. However, bottled water companies like Lipsey Water offer home water delivery in Atlanta in glass containers for a more eco-friendly solution.

Types of Water

Tap water refers to the water that comes out of the sinks and showers in your home. But what about all the different types of bottled water out there? The two main types of bottled water are purified water and spring water. All water goes through a filtration process and is considered ‘filtered water’. Purified water refers to water that meets overall impurity level standards and uses an intensive treatment process and filtration system. When purified water is treated and filtered, contaminants are removed, along with many naturally occurring minerals. Spring water, on the other hand, does not heavily filter water the same way and thus you still have the flavor and freshness from these minerals. Spring water also comes from a pure source, meaning a source of water that has low amounts of man-made contaminants and an abundance of natural minerals. Tap water, purified water, and spring water are all safe to drink in the United States, but many people prefer spring water for its naturally occurring minerals and fresh taste.

Benefits of Bottled Water Delivery

Schedule Atlanta bottled water delivery for your home or office and start experiencing the great taste and benefits of fresh spring water delivered right to your door. Bottled water delivery has a wide variety of benefits:

  • Access to fresh spring water with naturally occurring minerals
  • A fresh source for hydration throughout the day
  • Avoid contributing to the use of plastic and buildup of waste
  • Save time and energy from having to purchase bottles or jugs of water at the store
  • Support your community with water straight from the Blue Ridge Mountains

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