Try One of These 7 Office Activities and Games for Better Employee Engagement

Try One of These 7 Office Activities and Games for Better Employee Engagement

Every company wants more employee engagement, but it’s not something that can be forced. Instead, it has to develop naturally through activities and games that your employees enjoy. Working together creates a sense of teamwork and camaraderie that leads to the engagement you want.

So get some snacks, arrange to have some bottled water delivered, and lead your employees in some of these different activities. The end result will be a shift in your workplace atmosphere and an increase in employee engagement.

Implement Casual Friday

Everyone is excited for the weekend, and Friday is one of those days when it may feel like some people check out around noon. By turning Friday into a casual day, your employees can feel like they’re starting their weekend a little early while still making progress on various tasks.

Also, consider setting aside the afternoon for team workshops, games, and activities. Have team lunches, fun presentations, and other activities that are different from the usual day-to-day routine. These activities may be educational, but because they’re different, they won’t feel the same as normal meetings.

Break Up the Normal Routine

Celebrate your employees, their accomplishments, and more by having the occasional party. You might want to have holiday parties, or you may want to set aside a few hours every month to celebrate all of the employees with birthdays during that period.

Having a party after a major project is completed can also help your employees see how much you appreciate them and allow them to celebrate their success.

Encourage Friendly Competition

Whether it’s a fitness challenge or a door decorating contest, competitions can get people really fired up. Encourage your employees to join in some friendly contests to build team unity. You don’t necessarily have to give out any big prizes, either. Sometimes, bragging rights are enough motivation.

Get Out of the Office

If it’s a nice day outside, why not hold a meeting or brainstorming session out in the courtyard? How about taking the team out to lunch instead of ordering in? Anything that leads to a change of scenery can give your team new energy and may help them approach problems differently.

An activity that gets everyone out of the office may be just the thing to kickstart the creative juices and get people engaged, even if it’s just a walk around the grounds.

Morning Yoga or Meditation

How you start your day can have a major impact on how the rest of the day goes. Having morning yoga or meditation, even if it’s just once a week, gives your employees a chance to improve their health and start off the day on the right foot.

Create a Party Planning Committee

If your office is really dedicated to activities and games, why not make it official? Create a committee to organize and coordinate these activities. This way, you know something will always be going on to drive employee engagement. Even better, interested employees can be a part of the committee, giving them ownership and input into these activities.

Have a Well-Stocked Snack Space

While it’s not an activity or game per se, having a space where employees can gather, get a healthy snack, and refill their water bottle with fresh, cool water will improve engagement.

This is a space that will be used regularly by all of your employees, and it gives them a chance to get away from their desk for a minute, stretch their legs, and chat with each other while they’re getting their snacks.

Having healthy food and water here will also make sure your team snacks on something other than sugary treats and soda. They will avoid the sugar crash that comes with these snacks and will keep hydrated.

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