What Do I Do With My Used Bottles?

What Do I Do With My Used Bottles

With the lack of conveniently available recycling options in Atlanta, it can be a real cause for concern and a reason to pause when considering whether or not to opt in to Atlanta bottled water delivery from Lipsey. There are so many considerations when choosing a water supplier; the quality of the water you’ll be drinking, the ease of use of the service, and of course, the environmental footprint of your decision. Choosing high-quality water for you and your family to consume shouldn’t be a trade-off with convenience and being environmentally friendly.

Lipsey Will Pick Up Your Used Bottles

We’ve been the leader in delivering high-quality water to the Atlanta area for 30 years, and we’re the only Atlanta bottled water delivery service to deliver water in glass bottles. Our loyal customers trust us to not only treat them with the highest level of service, but they trust us to treat our environment with the highest level of regard. We know that our customers, whether residential or commercial, value their time and convenience as much as they value the sustainability that glass water bottles provide.

At Lipsey Mountain Spring Water, we’ve been combining the highest standards of water purification with our Atlanta bottled water delivery service for 30 years. What keeps us going is our commitment to making the decision to choose Lipsey the easiest decision you’ll make all day. That’s why, in addition to the delivery of your glass water bottles, Lipsey will also pick them up. We want you to have the freshest, cleanest, best-tasting water available. And we want to deliver this to you with the most impeccable service standards you’ll ever experience.

The Benefit of Glass Water Bottles

Our water purification process brings you the cleanest, purest, best-tasting water in the region. And we serve our clients with glass bottles in order to preserve that quality, while also preserving the environment.

The benefits of glass bottles over plastic bottles are numerous. Recycling glass is just one of the many ways that we can positively contribute to the reduction of pollution and waste. We know that the options to recycle glass from your home or office are limited, which is why we pick up our glass bottles from your residence or office building.

There are several environmental reasons why glass is considered more sustainable than plastic. Perhaps most important is that it’s more durable and can last much longer, making it a great option for reuse. Glass also does not contain any of the potentially harmful chemicals that many plastic bottles do. BPA is a harmful chemical often found in single-use plastic bottles. This chemical is believed to be responsible for disrupting natural hormonal cycles in the body.

While both glass and plastic can be recycled, most plastic bottles are not recycled and end up in landfills or the ocean. When this happens, they biodegrade and release damaging microplastics into the ocean, damaging natural reefs and wildlife. Plastics disrupt the environment and many delicate ecosystems for years. The lingering effects of how microplastics infiltrate the food we eat and the air we breathe have huge ramifications.

Glass is one of the most recyclable materials on Earth. Most glass bottles can be recycled and made into new glass bottles. This is significant because every time glass is recycled, the Earth benefits from fewer emissions and less energy consumption.

Glass Is Becoming the Gold Standard

As more and more people and businesses revise their practices to be more discerning about their waste and environmental practices, more and more people are switching to glass, and other reusable, environmentally friendly packaging. People are more aware than ever of what goes into their bodies, whether it’s harmful chemicals from plastics or harmful chemicals from tap water.

We’re pleased to say that Lipsey Mountain Spring Water has always put purity and quality first. This starts at our springs and continues to our pick-up service when your glass bottles are empty. We’ve known for 30 years that quality and purity matter, and we’re glad that everyone else is catching on. We’ll keep doing what we do best: delivering the freshest water, in the most sustainable way, directly to your doorstep.