Surprisingly Awesome Uses for Your Hot and Cold Water Dispenser


Filling up a glass of water from the sink is just not the same as using a hot and cold water dispenser in Atlanta homes. Tap water simply doesn’t have the same taste and nutrients that mountain spring water does. At Lipsey Water, our hot and cold water dispensers in Atlanta are filled with the purest water from the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina. The most common uses for hot and cold water dispensers in your home are for drinking water. But have you ever thought about other unique and awesome uses for your water dispenser?

Here are just a few ways you can use your Lipsey hot and cold water dispenser in your Atlanta home:

  1. Use the hot water dispenser to help you with odd tasks around the kitchen! Are you having trouble opening a particularly tight lid on an old jar? The dispenser will quickly heat up some hot water that you can pour over the jar to help loosen the lid. Hot water is also an all-natural way to clean sticky substances off of counters or any waxy residue left behind after crafts at the kitchen table.
  2. Did you know that hot water can help you out with meal prepping? Slicing through cold butter or hard cheeses can be difficult, so heat the knife up with some hot water from the dispenser and watch feel how surprisingly easy it becomes to slice. You can also soak your ice cream scooper in hot water before serving up this favorite dessert dish, which helps you easily scoop through the coldest and toughest of servings.
  3. The hot water dispenser can also come in handy around the kitchen when you are making ready-made meals. Many soups and other items come ready-made and you just need to add hot water to the mix. Add hot water from your dispenser for a nice, refreshing mountain spring water addition to your yummy meal. Hot water is also helpful for making easy foods like rice and pasta.
  4. Did you know that hot water can also help you to polish your jewelry and silverware? A combination of hot water and ammonia can help make your jewelry look as good as new after a quick 30-minute soak. Similarly, you can use hot water to treat any discolored silverware that has tarnished over time. Simply run your silverware through some hot water fresh from the dispenser and watch how they shine like new.
  5. Take advantage of the natural healing abilities that come with just a bit of hot water. If you are sore after a workout or a long day, use the hot water dispenser to soak a towel and then wrap it in a dry towel or bag to use as a warm compress. On the other hand, you can soak a towel in cold water from the dispenser and apply it to your face, neck, and body to help you cool off on a warm day or after a hard workout.
  6. Having easy access to fresh cold and hot water from a dispenser in your Atlanta home can make it easier for you and your family to stay hydrated throughout the day. This type of mountain spring water is filtered, clean, and full of nutrients. Drinking water often helps improve your metabolism, keeps you energized, and even enhances your brain activity. Place a hot and cold water dispenser in your Atlanta business to encourage your employees to drink water and stay hydrated too!

The Lipsey Water Difference

At Lipsey Water, our hot and cold water dispensers in Atlanta are filled with pure, Blue Ridge mountain spring water with a fresh, crisp flavor. Our hot and cold water dispensers are made of stainless steel, which helps the water stay pure and fresh from the source to your home or office. Stainless steel is the preferred material because it is hygienic and common in professional food services. It also doesn’t affect the flavor of your water at all like other materials may. We are also committed to using recyclable resources like stainless steel and glass to produce less waste and deplete fewer resources. Our water dispensers are also all Energy Star Certified.

Visit us online to learn more about how the Lipsey hot and cold water dispenser can benefit you at your home or work in Atlanta. We also offer a free two-week trial option with no obligation so you can experience the fresh, natural taste of our mountain water yourself!